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It's been about 3 months. . .

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I'd give it about 6 months before you really start to move on. When your in a relationship especially with someone who you see everyday, you build up a connection in the limbic part of your brain, the area that files away memories More information about the limbic connection can be found here: link removed

This is why when a lot of marriages fail, rather than resolving them in a practical and sensible manner, couples tend to lash out towards one another, because they are breaking up that connection in the brain that gave them that euphoric high. It's not easy to move on, I just recently broke with my on/off again g/f of 2 years, but this time it was a definite breakup. I still think about her daily, even though its been 2 months. Whenever I have a breakup even months later I still seem to reflect upon my experience with the one I loved or was dating. I don't tend to look at what if's, but I make the best out of what happened, and realize how grateful I was to have learned from a woman who truly cared about me. Love can come and go, but the memories will never fade.

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hey brighteyes,


I am on 3 months too of a very bad break up, the begging, pleading, being crazy. i was told maybe there was a chance but too much has happened now. I didnt take that well and made lots of accusations about gameplaying which i regret.. This was our 2nd break up and her friends all hate me i am sure although that shouldnt matter in the long run.


Now she left for a year away where i was supposed to meet her in the middle but now that is gone and i think about her every moment of every day and long for an email to come in.


She left 3 weeks ago and on bad terms saying she wouldnt contact me while she was away and didnt see us getting back together. I dont have her mail address so no option but to try my best to move on.


I have dated 3 girls in the last 3 months and believe me they dont give me anything that she did so i hope that she will se that too but travelling the world meeting kindred spirits who are doing the same will change her and i will never know her as mine again.


Its hard but you are certainly not alone.

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