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Well..ive always felt that "the one" is the guy that i could see myself marrying..you know, actually being able to see myself standing next to him at the alter and growing old together.


With my current boyfriend..i cant see that. i cant even picture it in my mind. is this bad? i really care about him, more than ive cared about anyone. hes completely different than anyother guy ive dated. in past relationships, ive cheated on my boyfriends..but with him, i dont know, i just could NEVER do that and i feel thats a good sign.


But..is this bad that i cant picture this? whats wrong with me? Please..some advice?

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Although you may not picture him at the altar at this moment, just give yourself time, it doesn't have to be some fantasy, but something more practical. Consider about if you 2 are compatible in the essential factors including beliefs, standards, lifestyles, personalities & he's been there for you whenever you needed help including the more serious times.


There's plenty of time for for you 2 to learn more about one another, so there is no need to rush into thinking if he's the "one". Instead enjoy your time with him, b/c I'm sure you'll be learning more about yourself as you mature over the years as well. What you may want not may change within a few years down the road.


The last thing you want to do with a guy is have this fantasy about this ideal guy, because do keep in mind no person will be absolutely perfect in every way. I see so many fe/males that still haven't realized that their standards are very unrealistic & that is why they remain single for such a long time. Don't lose focus what is more important, which is learning more about what is important & practical for yourself & what makes you happy. As long as you canNOT picture your life without him, then that is a good sign.

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I used to be able to picture getting married and growing old with my last boyfriend; and, lo and behold, about 2 months into our relationship, I cheated on him. Twice. The thing is, I was really convinced that he could be "the one" (sounds kind of ridic) but things just didn't work out that way. I don't think you should be worried about not picturing you two together for marriage, etc. because it could easily work out that way, or you could end up picturing it later like passions said. Don't fret about that.

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No one said you have to be in a relationship whereby marriage is essential to have a good relationship.


It doesn't have to be 'happyily ever after'.


Just enjoy what you have now - whatever happens; happens.


Very much agree... enjoy the moment.


LOL... maybe its a good thing you can't visualize. While I was married I pictured my X dead. (twi-light zone music)... I took this to be a bad bad sign... THERE's YOUR SIGN.. and me standing by the gravesight.. wearing a black channel suit, wide brimmed black hat trimmed with black veil to hide the small smile.. the wind blowing accross the cemetery..and you could faintly discern me humming..." Zippity do-da Zippity day.. my oh my what a wonderful day".... bad bad sign. This was my sign that we weren't gonna get OLD together.. and it was a GOOD THING.


Enjoy the moment.. don't over analyze it. Let it be.

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