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Want one, don't want one...

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Do others feel this way sometimes?


Some days you want to start a relationship with someone, and then like a week later you would prefer to be single and by yourself? Or is that just a common thing among anti-social (I'm not really, but I'm not outgoing) people?

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It's not that. I am relaxed, it's just some days I would rather be by myself. Maybe it's laziness, and/or disinterest in trying to start a relationship with someone.


I have no problem asking girls out. I've rarely asked girls out, but I'm not afraid to ask.

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I'm definitely like that. What's worse is I sometimes get that way when I'm in the middle of a relationship with someone, and then it's like "err.. yeah, I'd rather be alone right now" (not just for the moment, for a while). I'm not very out going either, definitely somewhat anti-social, so maybe it has something to do with the fear or lack of motivation. Personally, I really value my "alone time" and independence, so I think I know why I have problems with it. Sometimes it's disinterest, too. But, just wondering, are you somewhat egotistical/proud? That may be the reason why. Or perhaps you're protective of your independence. Just thinking.

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I'm really into playing music. I do it all the time, and if I'm not playing, I'm listening to music, or doing something else laid back. Sometimes I get sidetracked and meet a girl, start liking her, and then I lose interest in her after about a week, not for the commitment factor, but because I'd just prefer not to start a relationship. That's part of the reason I guess why I dont take rejections so hard. I typically get over it in a couple days. I like being single, but then sometimes I don't.


I'm quite humble, actually. I'm not outgoing, but I'm not super shy. I can talk to people if I want, but I like being in solitude (not in a dark kind of way).

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But why would you "prefer" not to start a relationship? I mean, what exactly is stopping you? Maybe you just haven't found the right "one" yet. Usually the more interested in a person you are, the harder it is to go back to normacly, or pass up the opportunity to start a relationship.

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Maybe "prefer" is the right word. It's more of a disinterest than anything. And it might be because she isn't the "one", but I haven't been on a date before/had a girlfriend, so how would I know what I want?


I get almost a spiritual high from playing music, and a true love for it. I doubt that would have anything to do with it. I've only been interested in girls for about a year now, so maybe it's best to just wait and get my life in as best of shape as possible.


I do have confidence around girls, and am not afraid to show it. I just sometimes feel that I'm happy enough withOUT a girlfriend.

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it's really strange but i have the same problem...like i really start to get to know someone, hang out a lot and become very close to relationship status and then i start to think a lot and i lose interest in the person and dont want a relationship..like this is a continuous pattern, its crazy i can't make up my own damn mind!!

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