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Why is it not wise to tell a girl u like them and care?

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Yea....like the above again...but next time, I wouldn't even say it period. If she ever says it after a couple of months...then soon after you may be able to say you care for her, but don't feel pressured to do it right away after she did. Personally tho, unless it's really serious...I wouldn't even say the words, I'd just show her how I felt if need be depending on what's going on between us. good luck...next time.

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to be honest, you can say that to a girl on the first date and have it turn out good. the thing is, the way you say it, how you mean it, and how you come off is much more important. if you say this it is most likely to give her the impression that you're clingy/needy/etc, and you've kind of "surrendered" yourself to her. if you say it in a cool way that has the undertone of not being desperate/needy, but more of a "i like you, and i have no problem saying that, i'm not desperate" then it's actually a very good thing to say. but it has to be said the right way.


The importance of what you say is quite small in relation to how you come off saying it.

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