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Hi everyone!!

OK, this is just alittle question, and i would like your opinons and thoughts on it...

What do you guys think about girls approching boys and why?....This question results from a long day of arguing with friends hehe, so I would like to get a bigger perspective on this issue.

thank u for taking time out and contributing to this

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If I'd had to wait for both my husbands' asking me out I'd still be sat here waiting!


I gave them weeks to ask me out. In the end I asked them. How long do they think we're going to wait around for?


Personally, I think if you want something that badly, go for it! They can only say no. It's their loss not yours!


However, if my mother had known I was doing this then she wouldn't have been very pleased! Remember the saying, 'What she doesn't know won't hurt her!' That was my motto!


If your friends want to be left on the shelf like old maids then that's up to them! Take charge of your life and do your own thing!


Good luck and take care.

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