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A fishy situation.....

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At first I was friends with this guy and and then things subtlety began to change. I like him and I kind of got the impression her liked me too. Like last week in a club he was with me and danced with me 99% of the time. When we sat down he would like stroke my hair, kiss me on the forehead or cheek….basically he was being all attentive and touchy feely. My friend told me his mate told her he likes me, but I don't know whether to believe here, as she likes him too. Infact when she found out I liked him she liked rang me a few times to warn me away 'he doesn't want a girlfriend', 'he's always with different girls', 'he's been with me' etc etc. When she goes out with us she always follows him around, she pursues him. This is the thing I don't get. He's a bit of a womaniser. Women fall all over themselves for him, like my mate. So, I was expecting him to be all smooth with me. You know he likes the girl and goes for her, but no he tells 'my friend' when they have a deep and meaningful conversation that I didn't try to kiss him and she says he sounded quite upset about this. Then a 'apparently' he goes on to say he doesn't want a gf. Now he's being all weird around me. Basically, everything's a bit fishy. My friend - she likes him so why is she warning me off, while at the same time encouraging me. She's also scaring me, like she knows stuff I've only told him, so, he must be telling her – there close????!!!! Also, him – he doesn't want a gf, so blatantly he just wants to get into my pants right? I'm not that kinda girl, I either go out with someone or I don't. I don't know what to do?! I'm tempted to just leave the whole thing. I don't want to go after and I'm not one to chase guys after a guy who doesn't want a gf, whose unwilling, right? Also, he doesnt want a gf and I dont do anything but being a gf, so, we want different things, so, most likely I'm gonna get hurt, used... I'd rather stay single to be perfectly honest! But, are'nt you supposed to take risks?

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It sounds to me like he's playing games!


He's after you but he's using your friend to try and make you jealous. Obviously you're not falling for that game, unfortunately, your friend is because she doesn't realise what's happening.


It looks like it's going to cause a big problem between you and your friend. Even if you explained the situation to her she would take it the wrong way. She would think you wanted him!


I think you're better off just ignoring him totally. Eventually. your friend will realise what's happening.


Look for someone more mature.


Good luck.

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