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Your eating habits, how you want to live versuses reality

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I myself in the last 2 years have been getting more disciplined about what I eat, mainly I've cut out caffeine, processed sugars, and I tend to drink only water and juice like Pom or Naked. An average weekly grocery bill for myself is around $120 or more a week, I feel this is necessary to be at my best. I eat well, so I can live well, yet I'm not making a lot of money a year, so I sacrifice where need be, for example I put my food before a new tv set or anything similar, I guess you could say I'm looking out for my health and I feel I will do whatever takes to get to the level that I desire. Even if that means buying what I need for my body over what I want, making sacrificies like not buying the latest cd, in place of eating well. Do you feel there is anything wrong with this in theory?

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