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Im in love for real help

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Ok i am going to admit something...I have never been in love before...I said I was alot of times but I never really was.....until now...Okay this may sound real weird...Let me explain....Im in love with my cousins cousin...he is nothing to me....were not related...His name is Jeremiah....The real problem is hes 22 and im 16 and he wont go out with me becuase of it....he told me when im 18 to call him. I have liked this kid for along time. We started talking and I really think I love him. He is gorgeuos but thats not the reason I like him...he could be ugly and Id still like him...its his personallity. Now the real big problem is hes a gambler.....he uses girls for there money and cars....Now I know that if we were going out he wouldnt do that to me, considering im his uncles niece. My uncle would kick his....yea you know....The thing is he never found a girl he truly loved, and if he did that girl would be able to straighten him out....I truly think thats me...i would be able to do that. I know I can. My heart is broken. To me age isnt nothing but a number. i started crying when he said I was to young. he'll go out with me when im 18 thats 2 years!!! Grr.....I have never ever felt like this...I always though I was in love cuz the guys were hot. I am so confused....

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Maybe to you age is just a number, but to him your age is a prison sentence. He's being smart and telling you the way it is. If you like him, you wouldn't want to hurt him. So you'll have to wait the two years and see what happens when you are 18.

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Once you are 18, that is no longer a problem. If you are 18 and you'd like to date a 30, 40, or 50 year old there is no law that prevents it. But until you are 18, there are strict penalties in many cases for those over a certain age to have sexual contact. This guy is just playing it safe and I don't blame him.

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I don't blame him - he could go to jail. He is doing the right thing.



Besides that, he does not sound like a catch if he "gambles with girls" - it's nice and romantic to think you could change him....but the reality is that does not happen. People change only when they WANT to change for themselves.

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I agree with what others have voiced -- he is doing the "right" thing by not dating you until you are 18. At least then he can't get into any legal trouble, etc.


I still think it's kind of sad that you feel this way and your age is ultimately the factor that will not make it possible. Kind of unsettling; I'm sort of going through the same thing (except he is 20). If you truly have these feelings for him, then I think your best (and perhaps only) option is to wait those two years. Who knows what could happen, you feelings could change, he might be out of the picture, etc. Pretty much anything can happen within that span of time. When you're 18, if you're still interested, as is he, you should definitely go for it. Even though it seems like you were robbed of your time with him, it will be worthwhile in the long run. Good luck and don't get too upset about it. Just try to think of it in a logical perspective, and realize that you will probably be happy one way or another.

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