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There are two girls that like me. One of them i love and i am dating the other is my best friends sister. I told her that i didnt want to date her and all we will be is friends. but she didnt listen.


Went to a party and me and gf were together other got jelous and started to take her anger out on my gf.


Well things went from there and calmed down. But heres the kicker i live with my bestfriend and his parents and now im in a rough spot. They are family and im just a friend. My gf is getting mad cause she thinks i lead her on which i didnt want to do.

Will all of this go away in a bit or am i in for a bumpy ride.

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I think you should hold on tight and put on a seatbelt.


If you love the other girl you should not be with your g/f. And if you break up with her it will be very awkward living in her house.


Can you move out and live somewhere else?

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thing is i dont like the other girl. i love my gf and i want to be with her. and at the moment i dont have a place of my own...=/


I have been looking but things keep me from doing it. things have been set into play to fix the problem but like they say blood is thicker then water.

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Don't let this become a problem. If your girlfriend trusts you, she should know that you would never cheat on her. But saying that, I think there will always be a hint of doubt within the minds of us girls when it comes to our fellas being around other women, especially if those women have feelings for them! I can definitly see where your girlfriend is coming from. This other girl, your friends sister, does she seem to have genuine feelings for you, or is she just trying to stir up trouble? Maybe that because you rejected her, she took it badly and is now trying to spoil things for you and your girlfriend? Just treat the other girl like 'your mates sister' rather than anything else, assure your girlfriend that you love her and only want to be with her. If the problem persists, have a word with your best mate about it. Yes blood can be thicker than water, but blood clots and water keeps you alive.

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