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Great girl, but lacks that something extra...


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I have just met a really sweet girl and she is honestly one of the nicest girls I have ever met. Great sense of humour, loyal and all the things I want in a girl. However, when it comes to looks she really doesn't do it for me. Its not that I find her particularly unattractive, its just that shes on the larger side. (And I never really got the butterflies in your stomach type of feeling). And that is pretty well the only thing that I dislike about her. And I am hating myself because it is so superficial of me. I am worried that I'm gonna let the best girl I have ever met slip through my fingers. I guess I just have to work out exactly how superficial I am! Any ideas etc. would be most appreciated.



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Hey Densil, I don't think you're superficial. It's better that you keep things as they are then to try to force an attraction that isn't quite right and risk hurting her feelings at some point down the road when you meet someone who better fits all your criteria.


Here's a similar discussion from earlier this week:

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Why don't you try exercising together, join a gym, biking, hiking etc? Team sports would be good for your social life as well. But make it all about you and how you want to get fit and ask for her help and support to come with you. That way, you are not saying she is too large which would hurt her feelings - but you may find it is good for both of you and will make her more attractive.

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