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Help i need to lose 19lb's in 6 weeks

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Hiya, i am desperate to lose 19'lbs in 6weeks i've always found it easy to lose weight(relatively, anyway) but this last week i've struggled to lose 1lb and i am starting to panic i need to lose 19lb in 6 weeks for a job interview and i must be 154lb's to even bother.


has anyone got any tips/advice/miricles they want to share?

i go to the gym every day, probably work of 400-500 kcal each time plus do a few weights....


so realistically i need to lose just over 3lb a week, how can i do this?


last week i tried the atkins diet(i'd of thought the weight would of dropped of) i've done the atkins diet a few times before and always with more success than this.....

i'm mainly worried because the atkins failed me last week and its always helped in the past......

it is my dream job (cabin crew) and i cant fail this time because of my weight... that is not an option.


i'm currently 173lbs

i need to be 154lbs- preferably less.....



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cabin crew? what exactly would you be doing.



you say youve been on several diets. you know those diets catch up on your body and will slow your matabloism. this is your natuaral weight you should keep it that way and screw the job.




well with that said.


dont starve yourself it will back fire. start eating small meals about 5 or 6 a day. i would do light jogging. you say you are hitting the gym, well maybe you are gaining muscle weight. i would walk for about 2hrs everyday, or jog very lighty for a while 45minutes to and hr. stay away from as much fats as possible. when you eat these small meals make sure you are eating carbs with them, like bread, things with sugar. salad dressings have sugar too. you still need fats but tryu eating just a little bit of meat a day. other than that i cant offer anymore advice. if you really need to make a weight there is always water weight. dont loose the water weight too early. loose the water weight like a day or 2 before the weigh in. and try to eat some carbs before you go in for the interview because you dont want to pas out.

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cabin crew? what exactly would you be doing.


My guess would be flight attendant.


You're straying into some potentially dangerous territory trying to crash the weight off. I've talked to my primary care doc about this and she said 1-2 pounds a week is the maximum if you're trying to lose weight in a healthy way.


Reduced calorie diets with the sole intent of weight loss will backfire over time because your body thinks there's a famine and thereforeeee will become more efficient at storing future calories as fat. It will do this by adjusting your metabolism as brahman said.


If you want good, sound advice and assistance, consult a Registered Dietician.

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I agree with much of the other posts. Although muscle weighs more than fat it also helps burn fat faster. You may want to add more weight lifting to your workout. Be careful not to lift too much weight because then you will be gaining more muscle in the sense muscle mass or of strength, creating muscle bulk or "bulking up". Rather, try repetition lifting. You will want to keep the weights in a category where they are easier (but not too easy) for you to lift...not struggling after let's say 10 reps. Try doing 12-14 reps 2-3 three times alternating your extremities. Also, when doing cardio make sure to vary your workout. If you are doing the tred mill, alternate your pace and the incline on a daily basis. If your body gets used to doing the same thing, it will memorize that (muscle has memory). However, if you add variance your body won't know what you are going to do next and it won't be able to memorize your every move...make sense?


As you know, Atkins is a sure-fire way to start weight loss. However, Atkins and those types of diets are designed to be a new way of life and eating, not as a crash course. Once you lose that weight, you need to maintain that type of diet/eating life style or in the end you will gain back all of your weight plus more and start the yo-yo diet effect making it harder to lose your weight next time.


One thing that has helped me in the past, and it is a natural nutrience that our body needs is chromium picolinate. Most grocery or other stores i.e. Wal Mart, Target etc... carry it. It helps boost your metabolism, especially if you have hit a plateau in your weight loss ](*,) I would add that to your diet ASAP, and you should begin to start seeing weight loss and more energy, especially with your workout and eating 5-6 healthy small meals a day. Do not starve yourself all day and then have a huge meal at the end of the day. Make sure to not eat at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Drink plenty of water during the day, but ESPECIALLY before, during and after your workouts, and do not count the water during your workout as your daily intake. The water during your workout is to keep you hydrated. I actually have to drink it at room temp because I am not a huge fan of water on some days....drinking it at room temp helps it go down faster LOL


If you lose 2 lbs each week that puts you at 12 of the 19. However, in the beginning you will probably see a faster drop. 1-3 lbs a week is normal, anything over 3 pounds is crashing or water loss. I think it's possible you can do this, just DON'T crash diet. If you have to be 19 lbs lighter for this interview, that also means you must have to stay at that weight or lower? Good luck with both the weight loss and the interview, let us know what happens =D>

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yeah i want to be a flight attendant (cabin crew/trolley dolley etc... in europe)

although i could stay at 154lbs and get and keep the job ideally i should be about 130lb's... for my height. i'm aiming for 140lb's by next march.


i shouldnt put the weight back on, i was 224lb's in december of last year and have stedily lost the weight but with no purpose, now i have a target/purpose but the weight loss has slowed down.


i drink about 2-3 ltrs of water every day(otherwise i'm really thirsty) as well as what i drink at the gym....


my average over the last 31weeks is 1 1/2lbs but in reality i havent been dieting some months...


i'm prepared to sacrifice my short term health for this job, it is sooo worth it, i was at the airport today dropping someone off and when the airplanes where taking off i had butterflies in my stomach(no i wasnt hungry,lol) thinking that it could be me this time next yr, i've got to do it.


i am a really healthy person my doc cant believe all my stats for someone so big, i suppose its the gym... so my body should recover in time i come to fly next march.


so is there any particular diets that may work for me?

i do have a built in "buffer zone" because i cant send my application forms off till 1st october i doubt that they will interview the next day... it gives me a few extra weeks... but i dont want to rely on this

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Reduced calorie diets with the sole intent of weight loss will backfire over time because your body thinks there's a famine and thereforeeee will become more efficient at storing future calories as fat. It will do this by adjusting your metabolism as brahman said.



i am studying to be a nutritionist, im very new but i know a few things.


i dont believe her matabolism will slow down when eats less, like i said before she sould cut the fat not the carbs. eating 6 times a day will actually make you less hungry and speed up your matabolism and i never said this would be a low calorie diet.


im not for sure about the previous post about working out with more weight, it really depends on how much fat you actually have. it sounds like you have lost a considerable amount of wieght. you might be a somewhat lean person. if you have more fat than need then the extra lifting might do you good. but if you are actuallu lean for you body type and are just over evealuating yourself then you should by all means lay around the house and dont do jack!! make sure to walk for at least an hour every day if you are the lean perosn i think youmight be. laying around the house will help you to loose some muscle.b you can loose like 15% muscle mass if you lay in bed for like 2.5-3days i believe, im not for sure about that though.

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i've lost 3 pounds in a day once but then again that was back when i was losing .5-1 pound a day usually. Wouldnt say i "starved" myself, just cut my calories way back. adjusted myself to eating less food, and only ate low-calorie things. I was obsessive about estimating the caloric content of everything i ate and then tally'ing it in my head. I went from 200 pounds to 155 in a couple months (the first and last pounds are the hardest)


Its not for everyone.. i nearly fainted too many times to count, and working HARD hours at mcdonalds (cooking 18-26 burgers at a time, moving as fast as possible while getting constantly burned by grease) fun times.. My family was all worried, but i lied and said id been running. everywhere i went people would be like holy crap you're skinny now! and when they asked id make up some story of working out and running. Luckily no one called me on the running thing, had i actually tried to run any distance i would have probably passed out

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19 lbs in 6 weeks....i duno thats kind of a bigg goal to set ur self up to but its all proper diet of high fibre low fat and low calorie.also do some runnin or other cardio vaascular activities for at least 45 min a day and dont eat anythin 4 hrs b4 sleep drink a cup of coffe or tea in the mornin to get ur day goin and lots of water

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i'm sticking to the atkins diet at the moment, but i'm not losing the weight i used to be able to, every time i stuck to it strictly i used to lose 10-14lbs a fortnight now i'm struggling to lose 3-4lbs per week!


i go to the gym everyday do about 50-75 mins of cardiovasculer work,

i avoid weights like the plaugue at the moment till i'm a bit leaner


i'm probably eating anywhere between 10g-20g of carbs per day definitely no more than 20g though.


i've had a better week this week than the week before i originally posted this(that week i only lost 1lb and was very low) this week i've lost 3lbs so sorta on target to be 169lb's by this coming monday. - about another 8oz's which i should do between today and monday hopefully.


154 is my target although i need to be 140lbs by march which shouldnt be a problem. (one mountain at a time)


and i know i can keep it off because i was 238 lb's at the start of the year and that aint come back

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im just not a big fan of it, a low carb or low fat diet is so much more simple.



the atkins doesnt even work for everyone either. and the fact that you want rapid weightlose just doesnt seem that doing a diet consisting of FAT and PROTIEN is going to be that effective. tell me if it works though

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dont know if you know it or not, you may not even be looking at this post anymore, but loosing weight like this in your life seriously destroys your ,matabolism, making it nearly impossible for you to keep the weight off when you get qoute-un-qoute OVER THE HILL.



but if your happy then go for the stars my friend.


personally i would stop there and keep yourself at a well rounded diet and not a weghtloss diet.

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I HAVE!!, i was 238lbs in april 2003! i'm now 158lb's (80lbs!!!!!)


yes i've fluctuated 7lbs or so if i've gone off the rails for a couple of months but nothing major and apart from models/sports stars, who hasnt increased/decreased by that amount during stressful/busy/xmas times?


i'm staying positive about MY weight, you should too, your weight is ur business. At the end of the day a diet is about the individual what works for them and what motivation they use, for me it was a job i've always wanted and the atkins diet for you it maybe health reasons and slim fast....(whatever)

there is not a wrong or right diet... if we were all the same then life would be very boring i've mixed and matched my diets to suit my lifestyle, i am now on a healty eating diet/weight watchers and i've kept the weight off, its a slower rate but suits me at the moment, i will go back to the atkins diet at some point because i'm fed up already of being starving! something the atkins diet never makes me.


but now you've said that, your on. i will be back in 12 months, and if your still here i will provide fotographic proof i've kept the weight off(and lost more!!), i'll prove you once and for all your wrong, just like i've shocked and proved everyone else wrong that said i couldnt do it.

i dont lose.....

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i wasnt trying to shoot you down i was merely pointling out the health risks if you were planning to simply gain the weight back after you got whatever job it is that you wanted, and then maybe later deciding to do this again. you said you have lost weight like this in the past, doing againa and again is bad.



if you are serious and keep it off this time then good for you.



another thing is that THERE REALLY ARE BAD DIETS, in fact all weight loss diets are flawed because they are designed to give you less than your body needs. its the fact that not all diets work for everyone is what i think you were trying to get at.



oh and im pretty sure its going to piss you off by saying this, but whatever


STOP LOOSING WEIGHT!!!, or at least set a realistic goal and try not to go less than or above it. your 160 pounds, you no longer have a weight problem.


your body likes to stay at a certain weight/type and when you change that then your body fights back and tries to gain weigt by slowing its matabolism. the longer you stay at a certain weight, the easier your body is willing to except it as its new body type .

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