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Comfort zone & how to leave.

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I have decided that lately I've become a bit trapped within my comfort zone. I want to move out of it but I'm not particularly sure how.


Preferably I want to make myself more available to some guys that at the moment, I'm not getting the chance to talk to, even though I probably could. In particular a certain guy that, unlike other guys, I don't seem to be able to approach because he's not in my 'comfort zone'. I know that once I expand my comfort zone it will be easier to initiate contact (as I have somehow done this with others before, looking back on things), but I don't know how to take that first step or what to do…


Hopefully that made sense and any advice is appreciated (unless it's worthless of course ).

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Do u mean comfort zone by u think hes out of ur leauge?


U never really know until u try to approach him if hes out of ur comfort zone or not. Think of it this way if u dont stop thinking guys are out of ur comfort zone then u might always think like that and will be scared to approach guys later in life. Theres alot other guys out there so just go up to him and start talking. It could work out or it might not but there are plenty of other guys out there and ull be over the whole comfort zone thing if ur able to approach this guy it will be alot easier to approach other guys that u feel that way towards. But u gotta be comfortable with yourself and be secure.

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What do you mean by your 'comfort zone'? What is it about this guy that makes you uncomfortable?


Well, I never really get the chance to talk to him (or never go out of my way to, when I probably could) so I'm not comfortable just striking up a conversation.

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OK, then make the decision to leave that zone. Remember it is a decision you are making to talk to him or not to talk to him. Once you realise it is only your own mind holding you back then you may find it easier to talk to him

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