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ok guys,

I need anyone and everyone's tips for showing a girl that I like her a lot.

Also what can I look out for besides eye contact, pointed shoulders, and other typical stuff, to know that she is interested in me?


is there some sort of failproof test to check whether or not a girl likes me??




and the person who can think of the best ideas is officially the guru of attraction!!! lol jks, but pleeeeeze I need help

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If you want to show a girl that you like her, you have to EXTREMELY OBVIOUS, simply because it will flatter her and she'll be fully aware of your feelings/intentions. Give her lots of eye contact, go up to her and talk to her (confidence is good), or buy her something small but significant (like if she likes a certain flower.. cheesy I know, but that's just an example). Just try to get to know her first, and then bring stuff up that reminds you of her. Tell her that you think of her a lot, and that she means something to you. All of that is basically communication. To tell if she likes you, like you said, definitely look out for eye contact. That's a big one. If she tries to start a conversation with you, or talks to her friends about you (you may not know if she does that one), then she's probably interested. Pretty much anything she does that includes you in the picture is a good sign. Failproof test to see if she likes you = ask her if she does. Haha, yeah, kind of blunt, but it will decidedly work.

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lol thnx


but like she's my friend and I know that's a whole new playing field, but like me talking to her is no problem at all, just so long as it's friends, and we joke all the time, and it's hard to explain, but I can't ask her out, out of embarrassment and she's too amazing to risk our friendship over....

oh y is life soooo cruel!!!

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ok let me rephrase that


I love our friendship but it's something to the point, like i said it's hard to explain, but it's like I can't go without thinking about her everyday and whenever we talk I have this urge just to blurt it out that I like her, but I'm having one hell of a time (insert sarcasm) keepin this relationship platonic

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If you can't go a day without thinking about her and have to restrain yourself from saying anything, then yeah.. it's definitely at a point where you need to do something. She might feel the same way about you; does she drop any hints, or do you think that she's totally not interested in you like that? You said before you were afraid of being embarrassed.. embarrassed from rejection?

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It probably would be a little awkward at first, but it's nothing either of you couldn't get over eventually. If I were you, I would start flirting with her (if you don't). Mention the idea of going out with her as a joke, and see how she plays it off. You could easily turn that into a serious conversation, and probe a little further to see what she really thinks about the idea. Or you should just flat out tell her you want to go out with her, but that would probably create more awkwardness than you need. Definitely go with the flirting, though.

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Hmm.. it's probably going to be more difficult/different with your situation since you guys are already friends and that type of connection has already been established. Anything "routine" might just look like what you normally do. The point is to go above and beyond that, but subtly, so she understands where you're going and isn't wholly offended or put off. The easiest way is through communication (opposed to non verbal physical signs.. like eye contact) since you probably do a lot of that (talking) anyway. Make sure she knows that you are, at least, interested in dating and getting a girlfriend. Compare qualities she has (the good ones, haha) with ones you would want in a potential girlfriend, just like she said she would want to date someone like you. While you're doing all of this, be sure to compliment her a lot, or more than normal. But don't go for the contrived things, like looks -- although sometimes that helps, do stuff that shows you put some thought into it (like the way she has a tendency to really understand how you feel, or the way she makes you feel in general). The best way to not come out looking like a *beep* is to completely honest and sincere with what you say and do (and hopefully with this, somewhat original). Occasionally tell her that something you saw/heard/thought of reminded you of her, that'll show that you do think about her more than she probably thinks. If you guys have mutual friends, drop some hints that you're interested in her to them, since that will more than likely eventually leak to her. Just don't confess everything, though, because she might be offended you didn't go to her first. Just small stuff. COMPLIMENT, COMPLIMENT, COMPLIMENT. Ask her what she is interested in a guy, but do it casually and not domineering. See if she's interested in anyone herself, in that kind of way. Just play off what she says and go with it -- I'm sure you'll hit on a gold mine eventually and, if you say the right thing, it'll definitely work for your benefit. Just some suggestions.

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thank you times infinity....

dude, I thought I would have to climb a mountain to find advice like this, but hoenstly saint saul, ure c-razy (in the bestest way possible) thanks a lot man, and I'll keep you posted with this....


Man I really hope that I can break the friendship barrier...well wish me luck

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I think that you know if a girl likes you if she makes eye contact with you and smiles a little, any sort of touching, etc.


I know if a guy is interested in me if they seem to show off a little, get a little nervous when speaking, seem interested genuinely in what you're saying, etc.


But then again I'm a lesbian so most guys want me because they can't have me. But yeah, if I was straight I'd see that they like me by the way they act around me. A lot of the time a guy will flirt a little and pay you compliments and maybe blush a little. If they're more bold then they'll ask me to dance if we're out or they'll ask me to a movie or something like that. Usually though a guy just has to flirt.


Does that help jordan_2?



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I just wrote a reply on your other thread because I haven't seen this one yet. But I think saint_saul is dead on (wish my guy friend would do that, haha..).


What i look for from a guy to see if he's interested? saint_saul covers it all. He would pay attention to me, eye contact, compliment, flirt, show interest in how my day has been, show me that he's been thinking about me, treat me differently than his other girl friends.

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I read this thing somewhere that you can trick someone into thinking that they're in love with you by maintaining eye contact -- like, when talking with friends, usually people make eye contact only 30/40% of the time. Meanwhile, couples in love make eye contact 75% of the time while talking, and are slower to look away when someone else enters the conversation. The long eye contact releases some chemical in the brain or something.. and makes them think (subconsciously that the last time this happened they were in love with the person.. blah blah etc, lmao, I forget most of it. If I find the link to the page again i'll post it here.


Anyway, first time I read this I was like, lol, whatever, {censored}. Then, later on, while trying to figure out *why* I liked this guy so much, because he was just like, typical friend type guy and stuff (and not even as attractive as I was tricking myself into believing haha).. and then my friend mentioned something about how we make such long eye contact and its like when we're talking no one else is around.. and I remembered that eye-contact-tricking-people-into-liking-you-article, lol, and its true. I remember the stages of my relationship with my BF, from where we went from like complete strangers to best friends to the whole honeymoon stage haha.. and the eye contact and stuff increased alot over that course of time.

Eye contact is weird.

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