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My girlfriend told me what she has hiding from me!

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So today my g/f called me and told me what she was hiding from me.She said that there was a causin of her friend that called her for about a week,And that she liked him!Or said that atleast she thought she like him.Then she went with her friend to the movies(and her friend took her causin(the guy that my g/f liked.So my g/f and this guy ended up staying in the hall and not go to the movie and just talked to this guy.She said that she didnt like him becasue he was weird.


Now my questions:


1.She knew what she was doing even before she went to the movies and even before she took that action,Should she have learned better?


2.Is that like considered as some kind of infeldelity or more of trusti?


3.I said that that was not that big of a deal but yet she apologized,Should that have been something i should get alot more pissed of?


What the hell just happened there.?

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i think that you have the right to be a little upset with her for doing so in the first place but you should also commend her because she cameto you like a woman and told you and didnt hide it from you...besides nothing happened ...although you should tell her for future refrence she should not put herself in such situations

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Well, it was dishonest of her to talk to him and meet him - knowing that she potentially liked him. It was also very dishonest and disrespectful to not tell you about him going to the movies knowing he would be there, and not tell you ahead of time about it (showing she knew it was wrong I guess...)


It was wrong of her to hide it beforehand, but good for her to fess up. She made a mistake, and may have realized it...at her age she might just have not realized until after...but I don't know. It is something she might learn from.


I guess it is up to you, she has told you now, maybe she realizes her mistakes and will learn from it. But you also have to talk to her and let her know that you are hurt and in the future she is to talk to you about these things....


If you can't trust her though, let her go. Not fair for either of you to be together if you can't trust her, and a relationship cannot surive without trust. And you are young, there are other women out there for you in the future if you let her go.

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