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I had a 1 1/2 yr rel. with my gf... a LDR. everything was ok except that we had trouble over one of her friends (boy)... a lot of trouble.

Then we used to somehow resolve and then again after some time the problem would creep in with diff situations..


now in somewhere around 5 months back i went over to her city... for a month and she was like kinda ignoring me until the day before i was to leave when she cried etc and said that she ruined my holidays for not talking much and all the problems still with that boy (who by the way used to spend time with her in the month)... i was like alright... and felt really like loving her a lot.


then 2 months later she went off to europe for a month.. before that she didnt make much of a contact -- which she used to, not much though.


She was out for a month. Meanwhile i was reviewing whats the problem and thought about the solution like mad for a month .. then finally came up with one.

then when she came back after a month she was acting like $$COOLER THAN ANYBODY$$.

i called her for asking how was the trip etc. and wanting to discuss things which i had thought she said that she is no more interested in the relationship we are right now in... lets just be friends and all stuff.. saying stuffs like - who knows what will happen in the next few yrs, and was like why to talk about this stuff -- whenever i brought the topic of explaining rightly what she wanted and what she was doing she would say - oh chill man... enjoy.

it su**ed.


now she is still the same... with even more decorations on her personality... the cool gal who has a lot of fds (esp boys -- but to tell u the truth that all the boys are jerk who talk dirty about her behind her back.. when i told her this she said that she knew her fds more).


now, i m still in love (dont know really cuz its been 6 months since she has been behaving like this).... the thing in my heart is almost the same... but i cant just figure what does she want --- why is she doing this stuff????




Guys, i have heard the situations exactly like this on the forum... so this time i want u to express this again and also want a gal to tell me why do u do this??? even if YOU didnt pls tell me if ur friend did this sort of a thing then why did she did it??? WHY???? what do they really want(am not angry here)?? whats going on in their minds?? pls do tell and share... really need to understand.

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Hey maverick,


I remember your story from a while ago. I am sorry that you feel this way, and that she seems to have lost interest in the relationship. The way you tell it, I get the impression that you still have you mind set on having a relationship with her. It might be best to really cut off contact. It is very difficult to be friends when you in fact have more feelings than just friendship.


Take care,



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