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PLEASE help me I need girl advice

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Please Help Me! I'm don't know what to do I'm so confused


Ok I'm 14 and in the 8th grade and have never had a girlfriend or any experience.

Theres this girl at my school that I have a really big crush on and I don't know what to do. I want to ask her to go to the dance with me but I don't know if she will say yes. I don't have enough corage, I don't have any idea if she likes me or not ,but i get this really weird feeling in my stomache when I see her. It seems like when ever I'm doing something I end up thinking about her. She is in one of my classes band.

Please help tell me what I should do.

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I'm the same age as you and iv'e been there before. So you don't know if she likes you or not? Sounds like you really like her. You get butterflies whenever you see her. Do you consider yourself shy? Just ask her to go to the dance with you, but if she says No then don't get all sad and upset. Because if she is going and your going and just not with eachother you can still ask her to dance. And if she keeps rejecting you then that means she isn't interested. And if she isn't interested then don't go after her because there isn't any point. But if she says yes then go you! your a regular stud! If she says No still try and have a good time at the dance , She doesn't know what she's missin 8) There are plenty of fish in the sea and there is bound to be one that likes you!

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TOTALLLY ask her out!! dont be scared...be confident!...a shy guy is usually not LOVED by the girls, so just be sure about urself, know exactly what to say to her: a simple "hey, whats up?....bla bla bla....u wanna go out sometime?" JUST GO FOR It!!!....a person who never takes risks, can never win!! good luck!

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you should definitely ask her. I mean don't just go up to her and start off by saying, 'hey do you want to go to the dance with me?' Break the ice a bit and then mention it. There's nothing to worry about being 14 and never having had a gf or any expereince. There are plenty of people my age (19) and older who are in the asme boat. Like others have said, confidence is the key.

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