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the girl i was talking about in my last post, she now has a uni and leaves the end of september. her boyfriend comes back early september. This is it I have no time left. I know when he gets back im not going to be able to go out somewhere with both of them there. i'll be suicidal. i mean its been worse enough at partys with her flirting with guys and visa versa, like one party...and nearly again at the last one ive cut myself. but yeah, i dont really know why im posting i suppose i have no one to talk to, but what can i do? ive almost lost everyhting tht actually keeps me alive. im so lost.

I just wish i knew how i felt and why i feel like it. I know she doesnt like me as much as i like her, thats obvious to me now. Im scared of myself, i hate how i feel.

Please talk to me


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I think that you need to find someone else. It may sound harsh but you said yourself that she doesn't feel the same way you do. Yes, she likes you probably, but not as much as you seem to like her. So find someone who will return that love.


As for her boyfriend, well, she's cheated on him with you. Once a cheater, always a cheater.



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Ok, yeah, fair enough. It wasn't cheaating per se, but she was still kind of being unfaithful to her boyfriend by kissing you. How would you feel if someone you were with kissed another person, male or female?


And the instinct to defend her is just fine, but I still believe that to be unfaithful is to have any sort of physically (or even sometimes emotionally) sexual contact with another person. If you truly believe that she didn't cheat at all then that's all well and good, but will her boyfriend think the same as you?



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