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Quick Poems, Long time sense I did one.


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The horror I feel inside,

It's this feeling like I will die,

I only know how to run and hide

Nothing could feel this way not even a lonely bride.


The way I can not breath,

All I can think about is what if this feeling leaves

I shake at the thought

But most people say its something I sought


No matter the way

How can people deal with this same feeling everyday.

I should run just because I can

But all this love I feel for you has just began.



You yell that I have done so much wrong

But you don't know what, and you're the one that is gone

You ask me to give you time

I have even though you only laugh and sip on wine

You offer me no relief

You leave me yet you show now grief


I'm supposed to wait for you

But are you just trying to make me the fool

I hide my pain behind my brown eyes

Most people don't see that I feel like I could die


I beg for forgiveness in these lines

But in my heart is the only place my feelings are defined



I know these are cheesy and both about way different feelings so any critics are welcomed.

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