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I am 5' 5" and to be honest, at 19 and a half, Im not sure how much taller I will get. I realize there are a lot of shorter than average people out there but I was just wondering what girl's think about short guys. I mean, Most of the women I will enoounter at school and later in life will have at least an inch or two on me (I know there will be exceptions) I'm happy with how tall I am and am working on my weight andm uscles to help make my figure better. I know confidence is one of the best things you can have going for you as a guy when it comes to approaching women but my question is, even if a guy is confident, are there any preconceptions or notions that women have about shorter-than-average guys?



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My bf's best friend is 5' 6" and so is his wife. I don't really notice his height because he has such a BIG personality.


( we actually call him BIG JIM )


I think it's what's inside that counts. I don't know many "bigger" people than Big Jim, who is a great father and husband, and a great friend to my bf.

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hey you know what ill be honest here. in general, girls are more into taller guys i mean the same way most guys are into thin/fit girls. but there are exceptions. anddd really at the end of the day its really who you are. to be totally honest you may not get hit on as much as your 6 ft tall friend, but it really is who you are that matters. and this is not an after school special speech. okay im 5'7 and that is pretty tall compare to most girls i know. the thing is, i always end up liking shorter guys. well okay so ive liked 2 guys in my life like REALLLLLY buttt they were both short. i mean considering my height i should be with someone at least 510. my bf is 59 NOW but when we started dealing he was like an inch or so shorter. and a year younger. if you asked me "what do you look for in a guy" i might have said tall, and if you asked me if i would ever go out with someone younger (remember its high school here lol) i would have said NO WAY. but i couldnt help how i felt and i really didnt care. so the point of my long babbling story....to some people out there it might be considered a bad thing. there are some small minds and you may encounter rude behavior. but really it doesnt matter. we all have our own appearance issues just realize it really sint a big deal and there will be a girl who is going to like you and yes she probably will be taller because its a law of nature that taller than average girls must be wit hshorter than average guys lol. IM SERIUSS my girls are like under 5'3 and are all with guys who are at least 511 while me at 57, im with the guy whos 59. it just happens that way!

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The bad news is that height is important to most girls. MOst girls want to feel protected, and having a taller boyfriend makes them feel safer. Whether it makes them safer is another question, but atleast it makes them feel that way.


You need to find some Asian girl because Asian girls are generally short. Many are 5 feet, or even less!!! Filipino girls are also short. SO try to get in contact with some filipino or chinese girls!!!!!!

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This used to be a big issue to me as I'm currently only 5'3 and will never be over 5'5. I watched american movies and tv shows and noticed that the short guys were very often depicted as somehow inferior, being either weak or mean (usually both) and being hated by all the women. It seems that in America short males are generally looked in a biased, negative way, but this negative stereotyping and obsession with height isn't world wide and in other countries it really isn't such a big issue.


So the good news in this thing is that although there is a genetic wiring for women to look for mates that are physically strong it isn't by far the biggest reason that shorter men are unsuccessful with women, the thing is more about nurture than nature, so if you live in Europe or Asia like me where the american hatred towards short men isn't so strongly rooted you really don't have to worry about this thing too much. Women have nothing against short guys unless they are taught by the society to dislike them.


But women want masculine guys and they want to feel feminine themselves so even without the biased attitudes you likely won't interest women who are 7 feet tall XXXL-models.

The most important thing now is that you take the attitude that there is nothing wrong with your height. When you do that people are more likely to think the same thing.

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For myself, I feel more comfortable around a man who is my height or shorter. Just something I've never cared much for, having a guy towering over me never appealed much.


Furthermore, since there is such a height/weight situation here, the men on the height end more so usually do make up with their attitude. I think this was mentioned but, I've known guys who were 5'4" - 5'6" range and they had more fire for life and need to succeed as well as a better attitude. A lot of them credited it all to their height and having to compensate so to say, but it made them wonderful people to be around nonetheless when they took advantage of the latter aspect.


For me there are those that have the looks and body, but if you're lacking personality, drive and emotion you're not worth much. It is the person themself that makes the relationship work. Thing is, realize in the long run, height and so forth is only part of the overall equation of success and life. Anyhow, any woman that is truly attracted to you will forgive the lack of high for everything else she loves about you.

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5'5 puts you face to face with 9/10 of the girls out there


6'7 makes you bend down in the hallways just to hear what a girl is saying, walking with your neck parallel to the ground.


to kiss i have to bend almost in half.


sex with me on top isnt face to face like i always thought it was supposed to be.


advantages and disadvantages to both.

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