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My heart is fluttering so fast

Remembering the moment I saw you last

The lights were low

I can still feel your skin

Kissing you soft

And breathing you in


I never even knew I had this inside of me

That the sight of you there could grasp my heart so tightly


And I lose my breath


Kissing you again and again

Until I've got no kisses left


And the way you sigh

So soft and discreet

Avoiding your eyes 'til inevitably they meet

And I blush before hiding my face in your shoulder

Biting my lip, scared

Cuz I've never been bolder

But you know

And I know

This is as far as I go


You kiss my hand

Maybe my arm

Calming me down

Causing no harm

And it's enough for you

It's enough for me


That's why kissing you comes so easily

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I want to go through the feelings expressed in the poem. Too bad that I have never kissed a girl before!!!!! SO sad!!!!


Actually...I've never kissed a guy either (or a girl for that matter, lol). Not on-the-lips KISS kiss anyway. I've had opportunity...and I've wanted to...but I know it's something I want to save for the exact right person at the exact right time. (I'm hopelessly romantic.) Ironically enough, this is a poem about the guy I'm with now and not KISSING kissing him. The thing is...I've never been very comfortable with intimacy. (Which has to do with some long ago past bad things in my life.) But I'm learning to become comfortable with it and with him...he's the first guy I've been well, almost craving just being close and intimate with him. I get around him and I just want to jump into his arms and snuggle and kiss him. And I do...as in his cheek and his neck, his shoulder. And I admit...I'm sort of dying to 'KISS kiss' him. But he knows I'm not ready to give up my 'first kiss'...as silly as that may seem to most people...he realizes how important it is to me. And I suppose that is a big part of why it's so easy for me to be all 'kissy' on him. Because I know he won't take advantage of that...


But yes. I did realize this poem would come off as looking to be about a 'real' kiss or 'real' kisses. And I kind of intended for that because I knew then that people could relate to it. I mean...how odd would it be for most people to read about kisses on the cheek being any big thing? But for me it is.


Anyway, this comment is getting verrrrrrrrrry long. Sorry about that.


But anyhow, don't feel bad. I know how the never-been-kissed thing goes. And I myself am looking forward to the day when I can see this poem in the same light you initially read it in.



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