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at the seat in room 402

I gaze at the friend that I once knew

the friend looked back and i looked back too

as my cheeks turned bright red

I like you and you don't have a clue

wonder if hes thinkin how I'd be in bed

wonder if he see's an invisible note attached to my head

saying easy and sleezy and easy to break

easy to get with some sleezy mistake

I sit and wonder, my thoughts begin to shake

as I turn back at you on my desk and awake.




Im day dreamin if your real or fake

are you as shallow as a bay or as deep as a lake?

are you as bright as day, or as sneaky as a snake?

Deep inside i;m thinkin if you are a person I could trust

deep inside are you going to stay as clean as steal or

as soon as it rains are you going to turn to rust?

Do you even care if I sit and stare

As you blush back at me and act like you don't care

In my head I'm wonderin if you know I'm there

then i begin to invision myself in my underwear

Feeling frightened, anxous, and a lot of shyness

veins are tightened, you are reticent to my kiss

Im wakened by the bell , i open my eyes, and you vanish!

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