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What should i do?

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I dont know whats up with my g/f everytime i try talking to her it seems like i end up doin something wrong.


I cant talk to her anymore at all i asked her a simple question thats all today and she flipped said i should stop stressin at her and stopped talking to me. This has been happining alot recently.


i cant say anyting to her cant tell her my problems i hav.


And nothing works unles you sort the problems out. things use to be diffrent could tell her anything shed lisen. any problems we had were sorted quick. now everything causes a problem in her eyes.

she seems to have change and i dont like it. im really confused. help?!!?

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Yes i have very calmly i even got somewhere one time. its very hard to get her to lisen nowadays and when i do i cant say anything wrong or she flips.


so i explained everything. and she wouldnt reason and blamed me. this happens alot.


once she admitted she had changed and would get back to normal and she did for about 27 hours. and then back to this person i dont know anymore.


and now im startin to lose hope that shell come back to me, gues ima have to stick it out?

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Maybe the past is coming into the picture and you are refusing to look at it. Something must have happened for her to be so distant now. Sounds to me you want to play the same tune but you are not on the same sheet of music...............maybe a hidden agenda. You will be challenged by this for sure, make sure you walk gently.


Good luck





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Try and ask pointed questions that concern you right now. Sounds like your both a little confused. Try a big hug and say your sorry that sometimes heals like none other.


Try and move forward together, you can't bring back the past you can only learn from it.


When emotions are running high, sometimes it is good duck, and just lay low for awhile. Stop driving each other crazy and start loving one another

again. Life is short, live it..........lots of fish in the sea my friend. Get her a present or some flowers that is always a great starting point.


Good Luck





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