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Fitness: A little lost.

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Well, I'm 16 and I want my body to be more toned..

I was wondering if anyone had a clue on how much I should work out my arms, chest, pecks, abs, etc.

I heard I can do my abs everyday, but only do my arms every other day, and same thing goes with chest.

I have a membership to a gym, so I normally do anything that involves gym equipment.


So my real question here is...


What can I work out daily, and what can i work out every other day.


Thanks for your time, and help.

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That is a very difficult question to answer for everyones body is different. That is why there are so many different fitness books out there.


My suggestion is to make sure you have a proper diet. No matter how hard you work out, without a proper diet, nothing is going to happen with your body.


I was eating very little thinking this would help me lose weight and was working out like a mad dog. Nothing! My friend told me that if I just start eating the right foods i wouldn't have to workout so hard.


I tried a proper diet and worked out less and became the hunky, concieted guy I am today. Just Kidding.


Go to the local library and educate your self on proper foods that help build body mass. After you've learned the proper diet routine read books on different ways of working out and pick one that fits your lifes schedule and body type.


I'm guessing that you are not over weight so that will make you cut and defined more master.


One last thing, stay natural! Natural foods are the best way of building mass. Not Pills are drinks or anything that you can,t buy at the grocery store. Your looking for results not to make someone else rich from you wanting a quick fix.


I hope that gives you some insight on how I feel about this topic.

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This guy knows what he's talking about. Eat healthy and work out. I'd say work out (as mentioned before) 3-4 times a week. I wouldn't work any muscle group every day.


Check out the forum at link removed if you have any other questions. You'll find tons of great advice there for your working out questions!

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Theres a misconception that people think they grow in the gym. You need rest and the right nutrition to see body changes, besides the lifting.


There are numerous ways you can experiment with. What I mean, is what body parts to work, what days and how often.


For example, if you want to do a full body routine, then I would recommend only 3 days a week, say m-w-f or t-th-sa. ALways have that day of rest in between.


Also you can do a body part a day: Mon- SHoulders, Tue- Back, Wed-Legs, Thur- Chest and fri- bi's and tri's. Thats what I currently do.


However when i was your age, I was able to recover quicker from workouts. I would pair body parts up and lift 3 days on, 2days off, repeat cycle. Back and biceps, Chest and Triceps, and Legs and shoulders.


Like the above posters, eat small meals thru the day. Invest in a protein shake with low carbs after your workouts, drink plenty of water and make sure you get the right amount of rest. Without rest, you'll overtrain you muscles and will get nowhere fast.


And if you want tone muscles, that ripped look, in between sets you should only rest 30secs to a min. Keep the reps at 10-12. Your workout should be at a constant pace. Make sure you do cardio atleast 3 times a week, but mix it up with some wind sprints.


Abs are still a muscle and I wouldnt recommend doing them everyday, more like every other day. YOu still wont see them if you have belly fat.

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