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ok well last night me and my awesome boyfriend were talking and he asked me if i thought we would stay together forever and i said i hope and i asked him if he thought we would and he said no. He said he doesnt think people are age can last forever. I think they can. I mean nothin is impossible and i bet there are a lot of people out there that have fallen in love at my age and have stayed together forever. And any relationship you have to work at. There are fights in every relationship ... i dunno i would like to find my soul mate at a young age. Maybe he just doesn't feel the same way about me as i do about him.

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How old is your boyfriend? It sounds like he is just being realistic and not giving you "false hope." The facts are MOST relationships at your age do not last. You have so much growing up and changing to do. The guys I liked when I was 15 are nothing like the guys I like now at 25. You change as a person, your interests change and as you mature, you learn what you want and need out of a person. We all like to think that our wonderful, amazing boyfriends will be around forever, and sometimes that is the case. Many people marry their "high school sweetheart." BUT you should not set yourself up to be with one person for the rest of your life. Maybe you will break up and go your separate ways, to get back together when you are a bit older, who knows!!! You have all kinds of time ahead of you to meet interesting and exciting people. It is wonderful that you have found such a great guy and with work and love and dedication there is a chance you can make it work. But, it sounds like he realizes that eventually you might both want different things, like when you go to college, etc. But if it is meant to be, you will end up with one another somehow, someway. Just dont ever expect a relationship to last forever, that is what leads to disappointment and heartache. You need to work very hard, and you have plenty of growing and learning to do. Good luck!

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Well I met my husband at age 15- if you asked be back then if I thought we would stay together forever- I would have said "NO!". In fact the concept would have scared the living daylights out of me because marriage or anything regarding "forever" was the LAST thing on my mind back then.


I knew we had something special though- I knew there were qualities in him that were like no other, and those qualities continue to be unmatched by any man I've ever met. It's a strange chemistry that I really can't describe in words.


However, with that said, neither of us rushed into anything. We only recently married 2 years ago, we dated for a long time, and we had a long engagement.


Him and I both had to grow and accomplish certain goals: He got into a career path- I went to college. Usually those things make people grow apart but we grew closer together. In the beginning of our relationship we were BF and GF, as the years went by and we matured we grew closer and closer. We became best friends.


I feel blessed. I know many people do not end up with their high school sweetheart. It's great to have a history like ours with so many memories and a bright future.


I think the key is to see where life takes you. Do not bank everything on being with your BF. You have to grow and become your own person, and he must do the same. You'll either grow together- or grow apart. I truly feel if it "meant to be" then it will last. I think it's too early for you two to have these conversations about "forever" at this stage of life. Live with an open mind and heart,



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These type of things are things that will happen if they are meant to. If you are meant to be with him forever, then you will be.


At your age, you still have a lot of growing and maturing to do. Depending on whether you grow apart from him or closer to him will be what causes you to stay together or break up.


I've grown apart from many of my friends. The friendships didn't end badly, we just started drifting apart and not enjoying the things we once did. That can happen in other relationships too. A lot of people say how they thought their ex's were the one, but then they broke up realizing that they weren't. All that means is that it wasn't meant to be and that there is someone more perfect for them out there.


Don't worry about the future now. If you start worrying that you wont' be with him forever, that's really going to hurt your relationship. Just trust that he loves being with you now. No one can predict the future.

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No soul, just curious... how can he be your soulmate if you have 'no soul'?


Well in answer to your question, it's highly romantic to think that maybe at 15 you've found the one and only guy for you, but statistically it's rare, because you both have a lot more growing up to do. That wasn't a cheap shot at your maturity, but more of a truism of what the coming years hold for you. Graduating high school, experiencing all college has to offer, accomplishing your goals, landing your first "real" job, somewhere in the process of doing those things, you both develop into richer, more complex versions of yourself than you are now. Whether or not you both stay together over the long haul has a lot to do with how well you both accept and nourish change/growth in one another.


For now don't worry so much about "forever." Just focus on enjoying what you both share now. "Now" (not the past or the future) is where the fun is at. 8)

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