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Warning to First Time WAXERS...

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Just wanted to throw it out there for those who've never waxed before...


READ THE DIRECTIONS ON THE BOX. and follow them to the letter. And don't start with your Bickini line if you've never waxed before.. practice on your lower leg to get the hang of application.


I waxed for the first time last night. And YES.. I started with the bickini line. Let my hair grow in so I'd have something to grab on to... read the directions on the box, and thought.. hmmmm got it. Bought a home kit that gets heated in the microwave. I've bought the smaller version to do my eyebrows and lip, this container is just bigger. And it contains muslin strips. Applicators. Before lotion. After lotion. And ohhh yeah.. most important.. WAX REMOVER.


Well... here is something I discovered. When they tell you to apply a VERY THIN LAYER OF WAX. It means .... a very very very thin layer of wax. MORE is definitley not better. And with the applicator, a wooden tongue depresser, applicatiing is tricky. I discovered that the applicator isn ot easy to use. Messy. And more is not better... I thought.. ok.. just glop it on there..and then apply the muslin strips and then.. PULL.


Ohhhhhh noooo... what happens is... the muslin strip gets saturated..and it comes off without pulling any hair. And then you have..WAX .. all of that WAX left.. on your bickini lines...and since you glopped it on... now all over your PUBIC hair.. since it gets everywhere. And I mean everywhere.. all over your hands. All over the floor. Running down your leg. Everywhere.. How in gods name do you wield a wooden spatula when your hands are sticking together???? HMMMMMM???


And the little box tell you.... DO NOT REAPPLY... ok.. I didn't reapply.. because the WAX is STILL there... sooooo apply more Muslin strips over it... ahhhh but then you get double, triple, quadruple ouchies.. depending on how many stips you apply to CLEAN OFF WAX... because NOW... you can give a care less about the hair.. you need the wax off.


WHY???? well..because if you try to walk accross the room to get something... your LEGS stick together... along with OTHER PARTS down there... EEEEEEKKKKK... and now its like a CHASTIY BELT.. Nothing..but nothing is going in..and nothing but nothing is coming out.


PANIC.... you go to your computer. You'd like to run, but you can't.. becuase your uhhhh hmmmm is stuck together. And god help you if your computer is on the second floor...and your bathroom on the first. Try lifting a leg to climb a simple set of stairs.. with your nether regions.. firmly SHUT... aaaaa hemmmmm.....baby steps. So you get on the web site for the company that produces the WAX you bought... for surely... there has to be an anecdote....


Cause you think.. I'll never be able to wear underware again.

What if I put on undeware and pants... they'll be permanently stuck. Or everytime I go to the bathroom.. I'll be pulling wax...and getting ouchies.

OR... OMG... if you have a hot date planned for the next evening... OMG.. what if his face gets stuck... or his whiskers caught... OK>> not such a bad thought..but I wouldn't reccomend it. Thats some extreme S&M (pleasure pain) that I really don't want to experience.


And yes... BTW... if you have this problem.. wouldn't it just figure you'd have to go pee. YEP.. and guess what... you'll stick to the toilet seat!!!!


OK.. back to the computer and the website... anecdote.. anecdote....

NOPE... nothing. You find out you are the ONLY idiot out there.. who has ever done this... or at least WILL admit to having done it. ha ha!!!

More muslin strips.. and then the WAX REMOVER.. that clearly states.. Do not use near SENSITVE AREAS... YEP... you use it liberally....don't use it near sensitive areas.. heck.. I'd sit in a VAT of it.. to get my legs unglued... and my nether regions functioning... thought about GOO-GONE... but then.. thought.. naaaa thats a last result.. that might HURT. LOL.



Sooooooooooo........ I used the WAX Remover... and NOPE.. did not hurt myself in the process. BUT... I had to TRIM Closely what was left of hair... and then use 2 raizors to clean up the nether regions. Run Razor under hot water and periodically take a brush to it.


Soooooooooooo... My advise to you is.... if you are a first time waxer...

go to a proffesional and have it done... or follow the directions to a T and apply VERY VERY VERY Thin amounts of wax.



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Hey.. if I can put a grin on someones face, even laughing through my trials and tribulations.. I consider it a good day.


Yes.. I'm laughing at myself....LOL.. big time!!


And if I can save some of my sisters out there the same experince... my duty is doublely done.


BTW.. I'm tenacious... I will learn how to do this right!!! lol.

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LOL, that's what happened to me when I tried home waxing. I decided it was worth the money to get it professionally done


Just a little tip, if it happens again (though hopefully not as bad!) you can jump in the shower with the water just warm enough and use one of those loofah sponges to get the wax off (You actually want the wax to harden a bit for this, so don't use water that is too hot). It takes a little scrubbing but not really painful and only took me about 15 or 20 mins total.


I did have the exact same thoughts of panic though, especially since I decided to do this a couple of hours before I was heading to my bf's house.

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a similiar incodent happened to me...I was waxing my arms

and thats it....umm yeah....


Advice to all...HOME WaXING SUCKS...apply very very very thin.


listen to the poster.... It's not ffun!!




it comes with the sticks and strips, but yea, I had the same

problem. Like when I put the stick down it almost completely was stuck to the container with the wax in it.


Wax is hard to remove too...I used oil oil and more oil, hand

soap and body soap and I used a lofa. I used my nails even...

It sucked...


YEah...The only thing I do at home is above my lips...and

the center eye brows....


thats not to difficult..


large amounts of wax + waxing of the big parts of the body= a painful, sticky mess!!


Go to the professionals...>>>PLAIN AND SIMPLE

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Go figure Gilgamesh.. my claim to fame one day will be.. HEY THAT WAS MY WAX JOB!!!!.. hopefully if this movie producer see's this.. he will hunt me down in this post.. and I would be more than happy to...


ahhhh REPEAT the experience(fake it of course) .. for a nice hefty fee he he he...



by the way.. movie producers reading this.. my life READS like a movie script... Truth is stranger than fiction and my life is a barrel of LAUGHS... or at least I can laugh about. Gotta find that sliver lining people.. too darned funny.


BTW.. My fat greek wedding.. Tom Hanks produced. OMG.. can soooo relate. It was MY WEDDING!!! PIG On a spit inlcuded...

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by the way.. movie producers reading this.. my life READS like a movie script... Truth is stranger than fiction and my life is a barrel of LAUGHS... or at least I can laugh about. Gotta find that sliver lining people.. too darned funny.


I just have to say: Is there anyone out there that doesn't think, sometimes you're being filmed and someone's having a good laugh of it?

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Hey, that was a sad story to read. Btw, I would also like to drop in few pointers. I have been waxing at home since past 1 year and believe me, it's not much painful process if you do it right (never done bikini wax before today though). First time is always difficult, but there is positive side too. Wax makes hair soft, doesn't let hair come for around 15 days and doesn't make skin black.


Just like the topic starter, I would say never try on sensitive areas first. Try on legs first. Get hang of it, do full body wax (not underarms or bikini wax for the first time) and when you are confident then only take risk of bikini wax.


Key points are

1) its important not to have any moisture on skin so apply talcum powder first

2) apply very thin layer of wax

3) use thick strips like denim strip or even pharmacy wax strips are fine

4) apply in same direction of hair growth and pull in opposite direction of hair growth

5) its important to be fast while pulling strips -less painful as hairs will come in one stroke itself

6) if you couldn't remove all hairs once, then you can reapply wax too, but first remove all previous wax using strips or water. follow same procedure.

7) remember if the stips already have too much wax on it, use a new strip. new strips always do better job. so have more strips handy. for my full body wax, it takes me 9-10 strips


Now, my bikini wax story. Sounds quite similar to yours, though less painful. After being so confident in waxing other body parts, that I gave a flick to bikini wax too. But believe me, that's horrible. I didnt feel much pain while doing other parts, but bikini wax? Uhhhhh So much wax was left on the floor too. Couldn't even remove that.


I even forgot to trip off hair to half inch length, so my hairs were just badly stuck. Just like shadows, I applied thick layer to more than 2 inch area, and then i just couldnt get it off. applied so much wax remover, took such a long bath, but it didnt come out. then after bath, again used wax remover (finishing oil) and yeeppeee then it came off.



btw, when I applied wax only on small small areas of 1 inch, then it was much better. Could get off a lot of hair, though I didnt have courage to do full, so did only upper half. I may try again a day after tomorrow. lets see.


I would never go to a parlor for bikini wax, so i hope next time i get it right.

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