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Today I got woken up by a phone call for a job interview. I was alittle hung over from last nite lol and she gave me a mini interview on the phone and she asked me what I have been doing since 2004 till now, I told her that I got terminated from my last job and she asked me what happened and I told her that I wasnt pulling my weight.


She told me to come in at 9am Monday morning. Because I was alittle hung over and tired from lack of sleep I wasnt too happy with what I said over the phone. Could you guys help me word my termination better, so I dont sound like I'm a bad worker. Thanks in advance for any replies

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Well for the termination portion, you just need to tell the truth on that situation. When she asks again, you simply state as you did.


You were terminated from your previous job because you were not doing your own portion of the work due to this or that reason. Maybe explain why you didn't have the drive to pull your own weight at this last job, that may help her get a better idea of what happened instead of just saying you were lazy (Unless that is the flat out only reason). Then proceed to explain what you've learned from your last job about being productive and end with some positive tidbits of information or comments which may help your situation to show you would want to pull your own there.

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Ahh, the power of words. First off, look up termination in the dictionary. Then use a theseurus.


You can definitely put a spin on this. "Termination" sounds bad, but saying "with my previous employer I had some performance issues that surfaced due to (this is where I need something to spin)..." doesn't sound as bad.


People get fired. People make mistakes. It's all in how you explain it. Saying you got canned is bad. Saying that there were some performance issues because:


1) Field of work did not suit you (as long as this new job is different)

2) Company culture (independent v. teamwork, long or bogus hours, etc)

3) Commute was a problem, and traffic constantly got in the way (if this new job is much closer to home for you)

4) Boredom. Though I have never been fired, I've used boredom in interviews before saying that I need to be challeneged to stay motivated (and I got that job). Be ready to provide examples of how you've been challeneged in the past.

5) Discrepencies from when you pursued the job, and then when you got it. Basically, you understood the job as this, and it was somethign totally different. Perhaps you were unable to fully learn everything and performance lagged. Make sure you can say why this won't be a problem with the new job.


are much better answers.


Interviewing is no different then dating. There are skills involved. Certain employers (opposite sex) is looking for certain wants and needs out of a prospect. They are looking for a match with long-term potential (assuming your date is not just looking for a fling). They are looking for that match to grow with the company (long-term potential). They want a contribution from you, and in return they will compensate you adequetely (give and take).


Best of luck to you with the interview.

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