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I can't believe im here, again. I've done this a few times already, about the same person, but this time it is a little different. I have a friend, lets call her L. L and I have been best friends for... about three years now. I love being around her, and I know she loves being with me too.

I have hinted at having more than a friendship and having a more serious relationship more than once. She always said that she really "valued our friendship," too much to risk it. (it broke my heart every time) I always told myself it was because of her on-and-off b/f (now ex, permenently). We have each had a few relationships since we've met, but she has always been on my mind.

When she was with her old b/f she was buisy every weekend, he was a real jerk and he wanted her to be with him all the time, even if it meant that she didnt see her other friends. But now that she is single, we have been doing stuff all the time. we go to dinner and movies and all kinds of fun stuff. They always feel like dates to both of us, she has even told me that, but its not because we are just friends.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love being friends with her. But I also know that when I am with her, It feels natural, Like we should be together. But she seems to think that we cant have both a great friendship, and a great bf/gf relationship.

Anyway, my question is, should I go for it again, lay my heart and soul on the line one more time and ask her to be my girlfriend? Or should I remain her bestfriend?

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i was in the same situation as you and now you know where i am? She used to be my best friend........ Now shes the love of my life and weve been together for approaching 9 months now. what iv always said was that if we was every to break up on good circumstances we will remain friends forever but you take a risk that it may go the other way and you may lose a great friends. But life is full of risks if you dont take it you may regret it. But if you do anything make sure she feels the same way!!!

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