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Ok guys. I really like my best friend. She likes me too. But she also likes this other guy. Over the past 2 days after school theyve hooked up (kissed). On the way home from school (we walk the same way coz we dont live too far apart) we were talking bout it. She says she likes him just as much as she likes me, but sumtimes he really annoys her, and her friends dont like him. She sed to me that hes not really some1 she would usually go for. So anyway i was just givin her the old follow ur heart routine and really meaning it. She really is my best mate and i told her i would always be there for her. I really want to help her. But wot else can i do? I like her. I dont want to advise her to go out with this guy, but i wanna see her happy. I havnt had much relationship experience and this other guy has. He would probly make her happy IMO. What should i do?

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The other guy gets the kisses because he is confident and makes the moves.


You have to make the choice now, do you want to be the friend that always gives her a shoulder to cry on every time she is sad because of what some other guy shes dating did, or are you going to be that boyfriend that makes her happy.


she knows your a good guy, but she likes the attention and confidence of the other guy. what you need to do is makes some moves, gradually (as to not shock her, as she isnt expecting that from you right now).


Dont be the great guy that finishes last, be the great guy that also gives sweeps her off her feet.

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