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virgin or not

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Ok this one I can touch on personally, I had a girlfriend when I was 15 that didn't want to have sex till she was married but wanted some form of intercourse, well needless to say we tried anal, kept it up for about 2 weeks almost everyday. It did not last, she was pritty religious and for some reason felt to convey her concerns of anal sex to our pastor, he told her that she was no longer a virgin. Well about a month latter we made sure... The way I feel about it though is she was still a virgin, so becareful that you don't get so envolved with it that you loose control and go any futher than you trully want to.

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It is not really clear-cut. "Virgin" has many definitions. The common one seems to refer to being a virgin as you have not had a penis inserted into your vagina or inserted a penis into a vagina. But different cultures define it in different ways.




I think the commonly accepted definition is someone who has not had P in V sex but tehre will always be people who take a broader view. thereforeeee you may be a virgin to some people but not to others.

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boo ya!!


sue johansen.... who doesnt know her n e ways says...


u only loose ur virginity if its a penis pentrating vagina. or anally on a guy. so a girl has a hymen.. thats the "popin of hte cherry" so if u do a girl there shes not a virgin. if a guy gets it in his rear hes not a virgin so... technically if a guy never gets it up the bum hes a virgin forever hehe...


thats technically speaking.


but know this.. if u decide to have sex


"once u pop u cant stop"

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