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Has Anyone Here NEVER thought about commiting suicide?

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Ive never done it, and i never will. When my girlfriend broke up with me i couldnt sleep at night. The only way to calm down was to picture myself dying, so i would imagine myself commiting suicide.


Pretty messed up huh? Its always an option so i think a lot of people think about it, but most of us decide not to do it.

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I can't say that I have never... I do frequently, but try to realize that wanting suicide/death is being confused with wanting happiness. I think people aim for the wrong things-- they want death, but what they really want is happiness. It's hard to think that way, though.

I get alot of heart palpitations and when they get really crazy I always think that I'll just die, and that's when I hate myself for ever wanting to die in the first place because I start to think I'm really going to, and really just do not want to.

I've read that when a person is just about to kill themself (just before they die, say when you bleed to death, or take something lethal, etc), they desperately want to live, and I believe that's true.

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i think most everyone has thought about either killin themselves or just running away from it all.. to never be seen again. but hardships come and go and the grass is always greener on the other side...


like the land before time gotta keep trudgin through and anyone can over come n ething

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Is Mr. Melrich the only one who has never thought about committing suicide? There has to be others.....




I think also DN expressed something interesting. Sometimes when you come to a point where you need to make a decision you may think of all the options available but not necessarily contemplate them as realistic.


For example, I am about to go bankrupt. What can i do to get out of that situation,

1.I can work harder and try to earn more money

2.I can negotiate something with my creditors

3. I can cut back on all my spending

4.I can get a loan from my family

5.I can rob a bank


Get my point. You can include it as an option but I am not sure I would call that contemplating it.


But to this survey, I think you will find that the research that has been done on the subject shows an incredibly high percentage of people do consider it at some point in their lives. I guess you then have to decide what are the degrees of consideration. At one end may be the type of consideration i have given in my example above, at the other may be actually planning and or attempting the suicide itself.

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I don't get how ppl can say things can get better, b/c they haven't yet, they have been like this for years, so tell me how things get better, if my whole life has sucked, have been painful


How things get better:


>You get yourself to an MD or and/or a therapist and rule out any physical, biochemical causes for your mental state. You take medication if deemed appropriate. (I'm not real big on long-term use of psychotropic drugs, but understand there's a time and place for them and have had occaision to be on them short term myself)


>You make a conscious decision to maintain a positive attitude even when the world is falling down around you. There is good, bad and indifferent in every situation....what you choose to see & notice will determine if you interpret the world around you as good, safe, bad, dangerous or neutral.


>If you are dealing with issues like childhood abuse, rape, low-self esteem, etc. you go into therapy and talk about them until they cease to have an impact on your everyday life. This means changing your way of thinking about them and then altering your behavior.


>You stop choosing to adopt a "victim" mentality in favor of taking full responsibility for the condition of your life in the present.


>You develop and explore some sort of spiritual belief system that is supportive and a source of comfort and strength to you. This can be an organized religion if that's what works for you, or it can be a highly personalized view of God/Spirit/Universe/Creative Mind/Nature or whatever you want to call the force that is greater than than yourself.


Just a few pointers to get you started. That oughta keep you busy for, oh, several years at least.


As for the OP in this thread:


Thought about suicide a lot from childhood until my early 20's. Went so far as to attempt it twice -- once at 17 and once at 20. Then made the conscious decision that I wanted to be here. Did everything described above (and more) in order that it would be a pleasant stay while I was here. I started seeing improvement in my life after a few years of doing the above. The improvements and "things getting better" really took hold and took off in my 30's. But if I hadn't gotten off my butt and done something to change my attitude, the outer manifestations in my life would not have changed for the better either. (See quote in sig. below)

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Hey I was just wondering: Are humans the only beings on the Earth who commit suicide? Do animals sometimes commit suicide? Like I never hear of a cow or a horse or a dog committing suicide, but then again, maybe I just don't hear of it. Does anyone here know of animals committing suicide, and whether it has anything to do with people committing suicide?


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I agree with what xmrth said about people seeking happiness through suicide. It's an unfortunate misconception that people tend to equate the absense of sadness as happiness, because all there is is death - nothingness, nothing you can experience. People can also glorify suicide, taking it as a noble action for their noble, unmerited grievances, and it's easy to get sucked into that type of thinking. Honestly, if you're suffering, you'd like to believe there some heroicness in it. Suicide is also used as a "weapon" to inflict pain upon those who have hurt the suicidee. There's slight happiness to be found in that, knowing in some twisted way that justice was restored. However, suicide doesn't bring happiness, no matter how fancy you dress it up.


For any of the above reasons, I think most people have contemplated suicide to remedy their situations, and have perhaps subconsciously sought it out. And then there are the rest of the population who merely ponder it and why people might do it, but never seriously consider committing suicide.


I personally have gone through a stage a few years ago in which I was obsessed with both suicide and death, but now I see that that's not the course of action I want to take. I really do think that there isn't a teen out there who hasn't thought about it at one point in there life.

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