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*sigh* here i am again


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i swore i wouldnt put myself through this again but, alas, i have.


my periods usually come every 21 days, but lately theyve been very irregular. first it came the 24th, then it came the 24th again, then it came on the 22nd. this month however is different. ive been using condoms, but the first time i had sex this month (about a day or two after my period) i saw some stuff on it and thought it had leaked. i put water in it and squeezed, and none came out, so i thought it had just been from me. my boyfriend swore to god that he pulled out before he came.


this happened again about two weeks later. this time i thought i actually saw the cum leaking out of the condom. my boyfriend definitely pulled out before he came this time, and again when i put water in it to check, i did not find a hole.


today is the 18th, and i started bleeding very lightly. i felt no cramping which is weird since i always feel cramps before i get my period. however for about two weeks my breasts have been very sore.


my "period" started around 130, and now it is 830 and hardly any blood is on my pad (i changed it since then, but hardly any was on that one either.) this is so weird. i took a first response pregnancy test, and it came up negative.


what do you guys think?

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Pregnancy tests are very reliable if used in the right time frame. YOu may be a little early to be testing to HCG. . . Try to not stress if you are bleeding lightly, take care of yourself and test yourself next week.


Also, if a man is wearing a condom and pulls out, it is counterproductive. The risk of the condom slipping off during the act of pulling out is very real. Condoms are most effective if used until a man ejaculates, then the penis is removed from the vagina while still hard, while holding onto the base of the condom.


I hope things turn out for you the way you want. Trust me. I have been there-been there-twice.

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You should get on the pill in addition to the condom if you are this worried, or another birth control method.


Or if you are this worried....abstain!


It sounds like it might also just have been your own discharge (which can be white, clear, thick or thin at various times of the month) that got onto the condom.


PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms often mimic each other...your breasts probably would not be already tender for pregnancy yet, as the egg needs to implant before hormones are released to cause those effects, so they may be PMS symptoms rather than pregnancy ones.


As you age, your periods can also change from time to time. Some women DO get implantation bleeding (when egg attaches to wall) but it sounds like your time would be appropriate for another period, or thereabouts too.


I'd say wait a week, and if no period, take a test.

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periods are weird. For a year they'll come at the same time everytime... then, just to piss you off, it'll come on different days. I wouldn't be worried tho. I have heard of crazier period patterns than that. You seem overly paranoid about this condom thing... go on the pill and put an end to your paranoia. lol. the pill will let you know exactly when your period is comin.

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