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Coping with the end...harder than it seems.

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I really need something to go by...my boyfriend of over a year and I broke up this week. What is the fastest way to get over him? Everything I've thought of doesn't work. I keep crying at each memory that comes back, at everything I see that reminds me of him. I see him with a different girl, and it kills me inside. I still love him. I miss him. I'm really tired of holding it together during school and breaking down at home.

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i understand where your coming from.... my first heart brake was when i was 16, but anyway, there is no one thing that works for everyone, and sorry to say but the only thing is time... if u try and just be with another guy, ur just covering your feelings, and trust me it wont work, what you should try and do, is write down what you feel, when u saw him, how u felt... what made u happy today, what happened with your friends, just things of ur emotions, and well.... it wont make it all better in a day, but u have to get your feelings out and express them somehow...


hope u feel better soon... i know the feeling when ur heart drops to the bottom of ur soul and it wont move...

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i dont think there is a quick fix or else we would all take it!


i think its healthy to go with your emotions but abide by social etiquette. such as keep it together at school (i know its hard) and cry at home. its ok. it might take time but it will pass. when my ex broke up with me i was a zombie i went to work and couldnt focus and i would go to the bathroom occasionaly to cry.


i know its hard.


i saw a friend go through a breakup. his girl that he loved so muxh and thought was the one dumped him and left with no reason back to her ex. he was fine and hung out with friends but never talked about her. i was like wow! i wish i could be like him and just put my feelings aside! well as time went by and he opened up a little more he told me he went many days crying and drinking straight out of a wine bottle all night for many nights. so even though i thought he somehow didnt have to deal witht he pain of breakup, he did. he just hid it.


it will get better when you are ready. let it soak in and cry your heart out for a while but then start getting it in your head that you have to move on, and then your heart will follow.


im sorry

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