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Poor Sportsmanship


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My fiance has a problem playing any card game with me that has the potential to be one-sided in my favor. An example:


Last night I was attempting to teach her gin rummy. She didn't want to play an open hand for some reason, then when I started winning big, she got angry. At the time, I was holding three aces, waiting to see if I could obtain a fourth. She had the fourth one unbeknownst to me, and when she discarded it, I picked it up and melded all four aces. At that point, she suddenly quit, accusing me of trying to slaughter her. She said she refused to ever play rummy with me again, because I "play to kill." Now I wasn't rubbing anything in while we were playing and it was only a half of a hand of rummy when thisoccurred.


We had a fight over it, then upon talking to her further, she said that her ex-husband used to do what she was accusing me of, belittling her all the time.


I also find it strange that, when we are retiring for the night, if I happen to be the one to climb into bed first, she often will accuse meof ALWAYS trying to beat her into bed for the sole purpose of taunting her. (She is often tired and can't wait to get into bed, but she takes a little longer than I do to get ready.)


I would greatly appreciate your input as to the cause and solution for these behaviors.


Sincerely yours,


Doug Parks.


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There's more to this. Sounds like a maturity or overall insecurity issue. I hate to say it, but this is not a good sign. Of course, I'm just hearing you're side. I'm assuming you were not obnoxous in any way in you winning. I'm betting she has no experience of ever competing at any thing.

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