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Best city to live in the U.S.?

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I would like to get the opinion of others on this forum about what is the best city they lived in or been through or visited.


What I'm looking for in a city, is economic growth, good nightlife, affordable living, pretty clean city, people are friendly and colleges where I can continue my degree. I'm looking to continue my sports management degree, so a city with a good sports atmosphere would be a plus.

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I would like to get the opinion of others on this forum about what is the best city they lived in or been through or visited.


What I'm looking for in a city, is economic growth, good nightlife, affordable living, pretty clean city, people are friendly and colleges where I can continue my degree. I'm looking to continue my sports management degree, so a city with a good sports atmosphere would be a plus.


OPINION: non exisitant.


I'd also like most of that, with chocolate covered; edible buildings.

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No idea, but maybe you should try to look for colleges that offer that area of study, and then begin to narrow it down.


I think people everywhere can be and are friendly, if you are friendly and open. If find that New Yorkers can be very friendly, at times. At other times, they just want to be left alone. I was out talking with absolute strangers the other night and got along well.


A good nightlife is subjective. If you want lots of clubs, one city may be great for you, but the same city would be awful if you want to see live music of one kind or another. What are you looking for?


Also, if you want sports management, go to where the sports are played and managed.

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I agree with Dark Blue in reguards to the original poster's question.


If you want a city that has a good economy and sports teams then your looking at New York City. The only down fall is that NY is very expensive to live in but, the areas outside the city are a bit more affordable.

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affordable living


I guess that rules out California.


If you were to live in Cali though, San Diego would be an ideal place to live. Perfect climate, professional sports teams, nicer people (for a big city, the people aren't bad) and a few schools to choose from (San Diego State University, University California San Diego, University of San Diego (private) and a few Junior Colleges.

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While you might not find everything you're looking for ("perfect" doesn't exist in the real world), Columbus, OH actually fits a lot of your criteria.


Economy here is good -- lots of hiring going on


Not much of a "going out" person m'self...we like to stay at home...however, there are 2 arts/entertainment papers we read every week and it would appear there's A LOT of stuff going on


We moved from a much smaller city and the cost of living here is actually a little cheaper than the smaller city we moved from.


Colleges? OSU for starters... as for sports the Columbus Crew (soccer) and the Blue Jackets (hockey) Clippers (baseball)


General atmosphere here...we've found the people to be very friendly. This is probably due to the fact that most people aren't from here---they're from somewhere else and moved here for school or a job and liked it so much they stayed.


Clean...as large cities go, it's not bad...but I guess that's sort of subjective.


What I've heard from a lot of people here is this: Sometimes, large companies will open a branch here and ask employees to transfer. Initially, they don't want to come here. After they've been here for a while, they can't get them to leave.


Oh, one other thing....I wouldn't want to be a single, heterosexual female in this town, as there's a very large gay community here (which IMO is part of the reason for the overwhelmingly upbeat/positive attitude here)....although that could go in your favor if you're a straight male.

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Anybody ever been to Phoenix AZ- Orlando-FL, or Austin-TX?



Thanks for the replies. I'm not looking for the "perfect city", just a city where I can start a new life. I've been doing plenty of research of schools in the area and what I can find out about the city itself. I'll never be able to travel to them all and check them out, just looking for opinions of what other people experienced. Biased or not, I'll welcome them all.

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I've been to Phoenix. Arizona State University (from what I hear, I have a cousin there) is a big party school. Other than that, a nearby city called Scottsdale has a good and popular nightlife. The weather there is (for me) unbearably hot in the summer (check out the averages on link removed) Other than that, there is a lot of cacti in the desert climate of Phoenix.

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Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff contain Arizona's Universities.


NAU has smaller class sizes, and overall better suiting the students, they don't have as many programs as do U of A or ASU. NAU is in Flagstaff, the weather is more winter like, but you don't have the same desert look to it as you would in Tucson or Phoenix. I'm not sure about living costs but I would presume it is cheaper than the others, I've also heard from friends that have gone there that it isn't too bad.


U of A the choice University for a good deal of students. They have a large range of degree programs, the people are friendly and social as you ask, BUT the living prices are a joke (first hand experience). It is very expensive, the prices are double what they would be elsewhere in Arizona. The school has a good reputation and has some top US degree programs there. The weather also provides a decent medium between Flagstaff and Phoenix. The classes are large though, most are above average for the size and so forth. The dorm is also decent. As far as Arizona University cities are concerned it would fit more of your criteria than that of Flagstaff or Phoenix. The crime rate is also so-so. More than Flagstaff, much less than Phoenix.


ASU isn't too bad, it has some decent programs but like stated it is a party school. Until the later years, most students are there strictly for the party atmosphere and a good deal of weeding goes on during the first few years until you've only got the serious degree pursuing types. Phoenix (Mesa, Glendale, Casa Grande & Tempe areas as my main comparison) is hot, very hot. Hundreds are something you get used to there temperature wise, if you're looking for a place with season changes, it isn't for you. The crime rate varies from area to area. I'm not sure about Tempe (where the main ASU campus is located) crime rate but I could check it out for you.


Any of these towns offer a decent night life and places to go. Tucson has an emphasis on business and hiring as does Phoenix. Phoenix has more to offer in the way of business though, job availability I'm not sure. I haven't been to Phoenix for awhile so I can't tell you much in the current job fad there. Flagstaff is decent, moderate hiring and businesses if I remember correctly. You can find just about whatever you're looking for but as for housing and costs, Phoenix is way out there, and Tucson is a close second. Here, a lot of people stick with rent instead of buying because the average home is $250,000+ and 1,600 or so sq. ft. on a 1/4 acre in town. Further out of town you get, more it increases in most cases as you begin to reach the more expensive communities like Foothills, Ringcon and such.



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I was going to suggest Austin. Great nightlife, friendly people, beautiful women, warm weather, the economy is going strong and it's dirt cheap to live there (compared to most of the coast cities). Austin lacks a professional sports team but UT does have good football! I am heading back there in a year after I finish my degree.

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Seattle is on the Top 10 list I think.


I've lived here my whole life and have always loved it. Friendly people, good music scene, etc. The water here actually tastes like water. The UW is also in Seattle for the college students. Approx. 45,000 students (20,000 or so undergrads) attend each year.

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I agree with easy guy--Seattle has a lot of the qualities you are looking for...And for a bit better cost of living, Portland Or., or the public university towns, Corvallis or Eugene. The only thing P-Town severely lacks is the sports thing (anyone heard of the "Jail Blazers")

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You can live in the metro area if you want to. Depending on where you are, you can have a 5 minute to, 1 hour drive into the heart of the city..


Pretty good growing city. Major sports teams. A number of colleges, in the city, and the surrounding metro area.. Our night life is #1, and never stops.


The cost of living, depends on where in the metro area you live. South, and some of the west, and north west, are reasonable to somewhat pricey. North atlanta is expensive as all hell, and East and south east are reasonable.


I'd look into it, it's an easy commute to other states as well, within 2 hour drives of Tennesse, and SC. 30 minutes from Alabama, and 3-4 hours to the coast, and 5 to Florida.

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Great site, SmallWorld! I never thought of moving out to Lousianna, average home price out there is $133,000, much cheaper from where I live.


To the original poster, it's really a give and take, but check out the site that SmallWolrd provided. Pretty interesting. Maybe, you might want to consider living somewhere along Connecticut, bordering New York. Maybe Boston? Boston's got tons of colleges out there. Atlanta is pretty nice too. It's amazingly clean for a big city.


I also agree with Chai. Pretty much, anywhere in California is overpriced, even in Riverside! You will find that several of the boonie towns out here have jacked up their prices on property value. If you ever plan on moving out to L.A. or Orange County, best of luck to you. Everything costs an arm and a leg, especially out in O.C. Apartments are outrageously overpriced. And, with gas prices rising like crazy, you can forget about eating.


If you want to live comfortably, and enjoy college life, you can still live out here, but if you're going to share a room, average rent is probably about $500 if you're lucky. Average cost for a meal out here is about $6.00-$7.00, tips not included. Best deals for food, you just have to shop and look around. I'm kinda in the same boat, so I know how it feels.

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