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Can't stop thinking about this guy


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And it's really irritating mainly because I don't even know if I'd ever see him again. I suppose it's entirely possible since he obviously lives around here (on the softball team). But I'm just really attracted to him and can't get him out of my head! I totally want him to ask me out! But he didn't get my number. I don't want to just run into him someplace I want to see him one to one and get to know him.


He's the guy I used to work with in highschool, for a brief time anyway. I think my last week was the week he started working there. There were some signs of interest on Monday, but I'm just not sure what to think. He walked past me and ran his hand along my lower back. He tapped me on shoulder a few times to get my attention (once to talk, another time just to get me to turn I guess because he was walking away). He's quite forward, which is nice for a change. But I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it at the time. I was receptive to some advances but not all.


Basically I see him as a strong man's man. He's not a boy like I tend to attract. But he isn't forceful either. I feel so good around him. Like I can let down my guard. Oh I just want to go out with him.


All these feelings and I don't know jack about him! Starting to really feel boy crazy, and of course questioning the timing. Why am I meeting someone that interests me in what really isn't the best time?

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I have just seen him the one time, on Monday. Most of our conversation was about where I knew him from, memories, him reminding of things like his age (so I know he's 1 1/2 years younger than me). I can find out about him if I want, friends of friends, but I'm not going to. That's up to him to do. I figure if we're really supposed to connect it'll happen. I'm still making my plans to return to college and taking steps to get my life together.

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Good. It would probably complicate things further if there was another man in your life at this point.


Concentrating on sorting yourself first is for the best.


If anything happens during or after this process from his end, it's worth considering. But I wouldn't advise that you make any progresses at the moment.


Take Care.

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Thanks blue. Really he's shown me that he's the type who will make the moves if interested. I just can't understand why I'm so interested.


I wasn't thinking about my recent ex-husband when I first met him. When he called I didn't know who he was, when I remembered him I really wasn't interested but went with some prodding (my mom was around). It's pretty rare day that a guy leaves an impression on me. This one really has, I just hope he knows it.

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