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Friends or Dating


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Depends how you both act.


Any signs of flirtatious behaviour?


I take it you're interested in them as more than a friend?


I have a close friend that I speak to every day. It's not dating, as we don't have those interests in eachother; we just enjoy being friends.


But if there were any signs to suggest interest - it could be under a whole new topic.

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I'd say friends. A girl can be friends with a guy, talk to him everyday, and invite him over for dinner just for the heck of it. It could mean that she see's him more as a bestfriend, in a kinful way, and nothing more. That's why, it's pretty common for girls to be really good friends with guys of the oppossite sex, especially gay guys, because there is a level of comfortness that we feel. Even if the guy isn't gay, we can still be friends without having thoughts of anything more. If you want to take it a step further, I think it's safe to say that you can test the waters a little by flirting with your friend a bit. See how her reaction is. If you don't get good vibes, then it's not a good sign. But again, it's not safe to speculate, so, you might want to take her out on a nice dinner, make the dinner a bit formal, and see how she reacts to it. Sometimes, straightforwardness will scare a girl off, so it's best to approach the situation in a subtle, yet, formal manner.

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