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i dont want it to be just a quickie.............

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i have just started going on the pill again and from saturday it will be all ok 4 my fiance and i to make love without using a condom. we are both very excited, he has never had unprotected sex before so its a new experience for him and we are both happy that from now on he can come inside me, making the experience much more special for us, instead of coming into a piece of latex!!! lol !!!


however, we both know that the first time wont last that long because of the tension, better feeling and excitement. this will spoil it for both of us, and i wonder if there was any advice youve got on how we could make it last longer.

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I hate to be the one lecturing you and I really don't mean to, but make sure you realize that the pill is not 100% effective. Make sure you take it every day, at the same time, especially since it's your only method of birth control. If you miss a day, or don't take it at the same time, you should really consider using a condom for that day..


You are old enough to make your own decisions about this stuff. But I've known many girls who have gotten pregnant from just using the pill as birth control. They didn't realize that it was still possible.. So just make sure you are aware of that. Also, hopefully if either of you have had sex before, you have both been tested? And maybe you are aware of the consequences, so sorry if you have heard this hundreds of times before. I'm just looking out for you.


I'm sure that the more you get used to having sex this way, the better he will become at lasting longer. So don't worry about the first time, you will have plenty of chances.

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I agree with Maggie, if this is the first time you are on BC, then I would wait awhile and make sure it is right for you. I have known women getting pregnant while on the pill because it was not the right pill for them. And you are very young, you body is changing. Not all BC is right for everyone, that is why there are so many brands out there.

I recommend you use a condom for a while longer. I know you two are excited about the propsect of having sex without it but it's not worth the risk.

Once you make sure the pill is right for you, then your man should masterbate before you have sex if you want to last a long time. Believe me, it works.

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Others posters have already said this...but if you are truly not ready for any "accidental surprises" yet in the form of diapers and bottles I would advise you stick to condoms in addition to the pill for now.


While the pill is 99% effective with PERFECT use (meaning same time everyday, no meds that conflict, not sick/throwing up, and so on) that still means 1 out of every 100 will still get pregnant. AND...since most people do not use perfect use...and use "real life use" the rates are more like 90-95%...thats a 1 in 10 to 5 in 100 chance! Much greater isn't it?


You also need to make sure the pill works for YOU, and its best to wait a couple months minimum to ensure it is (and even then still a risk).


I do know women who have gotten pregnant on pill...either with "perfect use" or missing or being late taking one. It happens.


I love the pill, I have been on it 10 years, and no don't use condoms now as I live with my partner and we are older and more prepared should something go wrong...at 18 I just want you to be VERY aware that the pill is not perfect.


And over time, he will last longer. A lot of it is mental...and knowing how to control himself which takes some time and practice. Masturbation before DOES help make him last longer, but so will practice, practice, practice.

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Well there is no telling whats going to happen sense your partner has never had unprotected sex, its possible that it could be a lot shorter or it could be about the same. Let him know that you want this to be an experience and that you want it to last. That should give him some idea not to ejaculate so early.

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Are you crazy? Do you have such control that if a women says 'don't ejaculate' you won't?


If that's the case you're very lucky, personally a women telling me not to ejaculate too soon because she wants it to be great is a sure fire way to ruin the experience and probably make me ejaculate too soon.

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I have 3 friends who have gotten pregnant while using only the Pill. If you really, really don't want to use a condom, make sure you use something else, like a diaphragm or some contraceptive film or at least lather up on the spermicidal KY.


After you've taken all extra possible precautions, he could possibly masturbate beforehand, maybe an hour or so. Or you could use a condom at first if that makes him last longer and take it off mid-way through. There's also a substance on the market that somewhat numbs his penis to make him last longer.


Load up on the birth control. It only takes one sperm to make it all the way through those defenses and boom, you've got a baby.

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RayKay is correct in one sense. The pill is quoted overall as having an effectiveness of between 95 - 99.5%. However the majority of "failures" are due to incorrect useage.


When used correctly the pill is 99.94% effective or in other words one pregnancy in 1,666.


So if you use correctly and that means taking every day at approximately the same time and in the order on the pack, the pill will be enough protection.


If you have doubts about your discipline then double up with the use of condoms or keep MAP handy.

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