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ok... heres the problem, my dad is looking for work in sydney Australia, and London UK, at the moment i live in Melbourne Australia, and i have for 18 years now... but the thing is, i find it really hard to cope with that either next year, my parents including my dog and cat will be moving away, my family homes (that i have lived in for 18 years) will be sold, and i will be told to move out and find my own accodation, or, i move with them, and i dont want to leave my friends, and for those who know me, i dont want to leave james. i dont know what to do, i spoke to james just a while ago, and his just like, get over it.... i need help, i need to talk to someone about this, and james just isnt caring, he doesnt understand how it makes me feel that i might become completely alone... can someone tell me what i should do, move or stay, and if i stay how do i go about supporting myself, keeping in mind i cant get government assistance as my family has to much....


im scared... and feel alone

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Well, I would suggest going with your family. Check out your new surroundings. You might like it better than your old area over time. You can always change your mind about moving back.


Additionally, keep in mind that friends don't last forever. There is always the possibility that you can lose all your friends and there is even a higher possibility that you can lose a g/f or b/f. Your family will almost always be there for you. More importantly, they will be able to support you and put a roof over your head. You should go with them and check out the new surroundings and if you are miserable you can always try to move back.

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well you have you think who do you wanna be with your friends or family ....and this james guy sound like hes not careing cuz he dosen't want you to go ya i no it dosen't sound right but when my friend was moveing i just acted all cold cuz i was sad inside but didn't want them to no..but i could be wronge jugeing that i don't no this guy. but just what would make you happy staying with your friends? or going with your family? ....let me no what happens. and im only 14 so i could be dead wronge

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