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Very very very confused


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There is a girl at the shopping center I work at that seems to be interested in me, but has what looks like a wending ring on. I have seen the ring on her for the past two days now. Today it seemed that when she was not talking to a guy I see her talk to a lot she was looking for me.


This girl somewhat looks like Beyonce, and certainly has a body that make guys head turn easly. So I don't know if the ring is there to keep guys off or if she is actually married or is a lit bit too friendly. Or thinks that this is a friendly flirting game. I am just confused by this and hopefully she is not married becuase if she is I feel sorry for the husband.


I am planing on finding out if she is married tho, but any help would be nice as it is a confusing.

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I dunno, maybe you could say something like "nice ring" with sort of smirk or something. Don't take my advice about this though!


You could ask her if she's taken..



Some people just are big flirts though. Maybe she's like that, but if she has a body that turns guys around, I don't think she'd have to flirt to get attention for ego boost or something.

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