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does he just want to be friends? or more

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k heres the deal...i have this guy friend who i have been friends with for 4 years now and he's the greatest. I've been here for him when hes had problems with girls and he's been here for me when i've have problems with guys. but heres the thing we both like each other and i really dont know what to do. cuz see when we first meet we went out for like 2 weeks but i dont know what really happened. but the other night we got on the subject of us and i asked him if he likes me as a friend or if he likes me as more than a friend like a girlfriend and he said "as a girlfriend because i really care about you and i really like you and i think that we would be great together" so i dont know im just really confused cuz like hes told me before that he loves me and i kinda got freaked out but after a while i thought about it and i realized that i love him too. but the only thing that sux is that i have a b/f and he has a g/f. so i dont know what to do

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