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is she keeping something from me?

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So yesterday my g/f called me and we she was sick and said that she couldnt talk or laugh that much.(but i made her,thats scoring some points)

So i told her what was the problem that she was facing earlier,(she talked to me earlier before i called her and said she has a problem),So she said that she couldnt tell me,and i asked her why,then she said cause it will probably make me angry.So i told her if it was about our relationship or about us, then she said that it had nothing to do with that, So i said then how can it get me angry then,She said that that it just will.Then i keeped on telling her what the problem was and all kinds of stuff,then she stilll wouldnt tell me,Then she told me to hold up cause there was someone else calling on the other line,So when she got back she told me that it was her friend,So i told her if she told her friend about the problem,Then she said yes,Then i told her if it was another guy,then she said maybe maybe not,so i went like hell of histeric,so i went on and on about how pissed i was,but she told me that it didnt involve another guy.then i got all pissed again and she hang up on me after i told her fine hang up on me.So here is what i know so far;


1.She said i couldnt help her with her problem even if i want it to.


2.She said that eventually shell get over it.


3.She said that it maybe or maybe not invloves another guy,but then she told me it didnt.


4.She said it involved some other people that i didnt know.



Any CSIs out there please help

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