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Here we go:


I worked too much. Put it before her. Cancelled a lot of our dates, etc. She broke up with me because my inconsiderate a** made her miserable.


We were great together-- her words,not mine. But, I agree with them.

Going through all this life analysis crap, etc. It's a damn cliche and makes me want to barf, but...damn, I miss her.


How do you get her back?


I'm avoiding the melodrama here, it's really intense and so, I'm just sticking with the facts. Actually, we were incredible when we were together before my retard job screwed it up.

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Hi, and welcome to eNotAlone.


Have you left this job now?


And you have realized what you have done? And aren't going to make the same mistakes twice? because IF you do get a second chance, and you make the same mistakes; she won't think twice about the relationship.

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Ok, I had similar problems with my ex over my current masters program and eventual ambitions to become an academic. How important is what you do to you? Would you leave it all for her? Or make compromises? Its ok to want to keep doing what you love, but you cant be totally selfish about it. the first time my ex left i realized that, and when she came back I totally dropped my thesis work to spend time with her, didnt talk about it as much.....but it was still an important part of my life and when we discussed the future it was always something I would not let go of (doing a PhD eventually that is). It didnt matter so much when, but I KNEW I wanted to do it. you shouldnt have to completely change who you are and what you love doing. Make any sense?

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No woman wants to be "second best" in her man's life, but imho if you were 'great together' (in her words), there's always hope. Darkblue and Bounder have given you excellent questions to ponder. I'd just add that if you're given a second chance, what are you willing to do to this next time around to make sure that your girlfriend comes first and your job second? And if you have absolutely have to cancel plans on her in the future, what would she like you to do instead to make things up to her?

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