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first date issues

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I've been trying to figure out what I could do for a first date with a girl who I've only known through the summer semester. She's got a kid already and is a social worker, plus she wants to go to school and she's 2 or 3 years older than me.


heh heh..um..this could be a challenge.



so UNTIL WE DO get to the point where we date, I am looking for good first date ideas. Has anyone been to SF? Well I'll tell you that beyond Fishermans Wharf, the Presidio, Downtown, SOMA, Embarcadero, Nob Hill, and Union Square..SF is highly suburban. We have a few community centers and a few parks but it's mostly suburban. The Mission and the Haight blends the whole downtown vibe with suburbia.


Anyways, my options are kinda limited. Street festivals have already passed, and as of yet I don't know if she's a person who likes to meet and mingle at a bar after work (Happy Hour), because she probably leaves work and goes home to take care of her kid. I have thought about asking her: "What's your favorite spot to hang out at? or "Has there been someplace that you'd like to go?"


I think about Angel Island, riding a rental bike through Fishermans Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge, but that's tourist type stuff. My friends are not a big help..they met their girlfriends at clubs and now they just go to clubs.

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Your idea, even through you say "it is tourist stuff".. sounds great..

just because you live there doesn't mean you can't be tourists too..

use the idea of touring your surroundings to your advantage.. like all day do what the tourists do.. cause to me at least...that sounds just right for a first date!!! And a great thing to do for maybe the second date would take her and her kid out..!!


Good luck!!

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She is, well hopefully, a single mom from what it sounds. As long as she is certain her kid is safe and she is out, she will more than likely enjoy ANYTHING. Even more to the fact that you still wanted to take her our when you knew she had a kid.


Its almost a fail safe date. Just make sure shes not like a vegan and/or animal rights activist if you order a greasy steak.

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I'm also interested in hearing OTHER OPTIONS for first dates. These are my options right now:



Option 1. Going to an outdoor concert in Golden Gate Park, Stern Grove


Option 2. Going to an event in the Fillmore/Western Addition area, then dining on Divisadero and finally walking up and through Japantown to chill at the plaza


Option 3. Taking a tourist bike rental and riding all the way from PacBell Park area to Crissy Field and then back to Boudin Bakery for lunch.


Option 4. Bowling at Yerba Buena during the afternoon, after or before a big music/art event at Yerba Buena Gardens


Option 5. Union Square for lunch.


Option 6. Taking the ferry to Tiburon, then Angel Island


Second dates would be movies, going to the beach, at her place, dancing, a restaurant.

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The best dates are simple and fun. How about a picnic in a quiet, romantic spot in a park? Feed the ducks, play some frisbee, fly a kite, feed each other chocolate covered strawberries... it's all good. 8)


If you pick a spot near a playground and show her child a good time too, give yourself 1,000 bonus points.


If you prefer a date without the kid, how about about a play? Make sure to pick something light, but meaningful that she'd enjoy so that you'll have lots to discuss afterwards. Add in a late night stroll of window shopping and a tete-a-tete over coffee and dessert and the night would be pretty darn close to perfect!

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