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Nine days late


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If you are naturally irregular, then you might be a bit late, when I'm not on the pil my cycle is longer than the normal 28 days, so Im normally a week late. BUT you could be pregnant. Being nine days late, a home preg test kit will definitely pick it up. Do the test first thing in the morning for best results..

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Coming off birth control can REALLY whack up your cycle...if it was irregular before, it will go back to irregular again, if it was regular before, it takes time for your body to readjust to its natural cycle again.


Also, there are times a women may not ovulate at all, or at least not at regular time, and be late or miss her period entirely. Sometimes it can also indicate infection or other problems.


However, if you are sexually active, take a pregnancy test just to rule it out. If you are 9 days late, a pregnancy test could be taken pretty much anytime during the day as long as you are not too super-hydrated and be able to detect the hormones.


You should just call your doctor and run it by them.

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LIke I said before I did take some pregnancy tests are they were negative. I did make a doctor's appiontment. Thanks for the advice though. I


I'd posted at the same time you had posted that and did not see it before I posted.


Glad to hear you made an appointment though - I am sure its fine, your body is still probably trying to adjust but better safe then sorry.

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