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is anal sex safe without a condom?

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my GF ask me if there is any fantisies i wanted to try, i said anal sex without a condom. she asked me if it was safe for me.



my wuestion is:


is it safe/ sanitary, is there any precautions i need to take or is it fine as long as i wash IT afterwards?

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In a word, no. It's not safe and it's not sanitary.


Bacteria from the anus can enter the urethra of the man and give him a serious urinary tract infection. (If you do choose to have anal intercourse without a condom, make sure you urinate shortly after finishing because it'll flush any contaminants out of the urethra)


Sexually transmitted diseases are easily transmitted.


And then there's the potential for the contamination of the woman's vagina with the penis if it's used for vaginal intercourse after anal sex. This is another risk for serious infection.


There's also the cleanup aspect. Not too be too graphic but if you ejaculate inside her... it's gonna come out as a trickle which will be none too pleasant for her.

Condoms will also lube up much better than bare skin, making intercourse more pleasurable for you both.


In other words, you're much much better off to use a condom.

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No, its generally not safe without a condom.


The anal tissues are VERY delicate and tear easily...it is easy to transmit infection from person to person, or even to just introduce infection through the tears.


Also, there are issues with things like E.Coli which can be transmitted....


And, if you were to go from anal to vaginal, you could really risk her reproductive health - introducing infection, and you yourself can get an infection through your own urinary tract to a urinary tract infection, even leading to a kidney infection (which is very serious).


As was mentioned above too, cleanup factor - ejaculating inside her is not terribly pleasant when it wants to come back out again later on...


Use a condom, its not really worth it not too in my opinion. Even if you don't normally use one for vaginal (ie she is on pill, you are in committed relationship and both clean....) use one for anal.

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thnkyou for the real answers, this new information makes me rethink my current thoughts.



she is on the Pill and we have both been tested, but the whole urinary tract think bugs me out.



is peeing that effective, or no?



i still have thoughts about it, im a guy and im horny, so of course i still want to try it, lol.

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I'll try not to get too graphic on here, but as a gay man, I've had a lot of experience in this...area


First, as with any sexual intercourse, if you are contemplating having unprotected sex you and your partner need to be monogamous and should both have STD tests done. Provided all is clear then...


There are many ways for her to clean up there. This actually should be done with or without a condom. Enema, douche, whatever she is more comfortable with. I can tell you though, it's not the most pleasant process to go through if you're not accustomed to it. So you should definitely show her how much you appreciate her doing this for you. 8)


As far as all the posts about bacteria and stuff-- I've had unprotected sex with my (now ex) partner many many times and neither of us have ever had any problems. Even the ejaculate doesn't seem to bother either... but I guess everyone is different.


I'm not sure about the worries going from there to the vagina without washing--- I've never been with a woman so that's outta my territory.


Last bit of advice-- go slow and use lots of lube on both parts.



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I may have missed this in the other posts,


Use plenty of lubrication, unlike the vagina, she has no natural lubrication down there, thats why it was rough for you.


STD can be transmitted through anal or vaginal sex, thats only if you have them, if your both monogamous and clean then there is no fear in that department.


Never penetrate the vagina after anal sex,


As for urinary infections and such, although its "possible" (its also posible to get urinary infection from vaginal intercourse as well) I wouldnt worry much about it, just urinate and wash off afterwards.

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My wife really enjoys anal sex, actually more than I do (vaginal sex is a much more pleasurable feeling for me). I think that the taboo aspect is a bigger turn on than the sex itself.

We have had anal sex with and without a condom, it feels exactly the same to me.

I did notice that my wife would almost always felt bad (headache, nausea) the next morning after we had anal "bareback". I started using a condom and the problems went away. I am not sure how one could affect the other????

I would recommend a condom and remember, you can never have too much lube

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