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should my boyfriend be tested for STDs?

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it might be soon to say this for sure but i think it might happen with my new boyfriend. not now, and not soon...but eventually. i'm a virgin but he has been with two girls before who weren't virgins. after the first he was tested for STDs and he was as clean as the day he was born. he has not since been tested after his last relationship. they always used a condom and the other boy she had sex with went soft half way through (and didn't come) so it is VERY VERY unlikely for her to have anything but i would feel more comfortable if he were tested. i briefly talked to him about it and he told me how it HURTS so badly and he would never want to go through it again. considering the circumstances, how neccesarily would it be for him to be tested again?


thank you so much to any advice

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Personally I don't think anyone should be having sex underage, especially at 14!! But umm, sure why not...I mean his parents would find out he had sex anyways STD or not just because your making him get tested so that is kinda a bad thing for him but if you want to I guess. You wouldn't need to test him again unless your suspicious that he'd go out and do it with other girls behind your back.

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Wow this post raises a lot of issues. Sex education being the main one.


Anyway to the point of your question. Yes I guess you should insist that he get tested. The problem is that is still no guarrantee. First, which STDs is he being tested for? All of them? Second, you still have to rely on his honesty in his dealings with you. What if he gets tested and then goes and has sex with someone but does not tell you because he does not want to get tested again...etc.


You can do all the testing you want, take all the protection you want but unfortunately, nowadays sex is a lottery. You have sex there is a chance you will get and STD (don't forget some of those are for life). It is now just about how long you want to delay your exposure to potential STDs, that is have sex early or later in life.

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I sugest you have him tested unless you want to contract all the nasty viruses and std's he may have. If he has had sex with 2 different people allready and is only around the age of 14 he must be quite a pimp! It is probably best to refrain from sex at your age altogether though.

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There are STDs that can be transmitted through intercourse even though neither party comes. There are also STDs that take a while to incubate. Has he had sex since the last time he was tested? If yes, then there is still the possibility that he could have something.


I also agree that you should wait for a while, but it is good that you are just thinking about the future, and not thinking about this soon. I hope you continue to stay careful about these things.

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Firs before start anything,I think it's better that don't tell her to re-do a sex education. Sex education is to learn how to have sex the right way. It have nothing related to how old you are. It's more of protection from sexual transmited diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancy.


I think it'll be a great idea for your boyfriend to get tested. In most part of US you don't have to let your parents know that you are getting a STDs test. For example, NJ.



PS I am so sorry if I offended anyone.

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