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Silence, tracks a small heartbeat in my bitter mind

its like the frost on the first snow, hits you with a blow to the head

and invisible you take the pain slow

i didnt mean to fall back in love

believe me it was the last thing i wanted to do

but today

when i saw your face

i knew that my love for you would always be true

im a liar

and dirty cheap

not in real life

but to myself inside i cringe tight

my inner being turns and swishes around

i hate myself so much in love makes me hell bound

i tell myself

i tell myself



and over again

i dont love her

i never have

i tell all my friends

shes a whore, and a menace to me

tracking all heart beats which fail me to see

but i know

i truly know

when your blonde hair

waves in the wind

when your tannish sings come to me

when your teeth flash me a smile

i know its true

i will always

always baby

always love you.

And im sorry for this

im sorry you never got to hear

its driving me insane

until my death draws near

no wait

that would not be right

i fear i will live in misery

here tonight

because i love you

my love will always be true


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