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10 million thought in my mind....

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hi i really need help... ok i spend alot of time alone.. bec u can say i dont have many close friends to go out.. I WANT TO GO OUT but i dont find anyone to go out with.. why ?


because all my life there is only one thing i do.. PLAY SPORTS.. i dont find alot of people play sports now adays.. i used to train but i left the team bec of studying... so bec i dont go out alot, iam alone alot..


and because iam alone... i think think think think think and THINK...

my head is tried from thinking.. thinking in everything until i confuse my self and my brain is about to burst.. + i like a girl and she is confusing.. so i wonder in my lonely times whether she likes me or not... so i find this really not mentally healthy at all.. ii really cant bear it anymore.. iam about to get depressed from this... can someone help me how to stop thinking like this before i get crazy ?

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