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question for the women....blood test?

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I recently had a Gyno appt. My gyno (a woman) after doing the exam on me, asked me how many partners I've had. The number is under 7 and at the time I was in a monogamous relationship for about two yrs as well. Then she asked me how will I be paying for this and I told her cash since I dont have health insurance. She left for about five min while I got dressed and came back saying that my pap smear came out "wrong" and she would like to take a blood test to determine if I have "cancer". I was a little hesitant but she kept insisting that I NEED it. I asked how much it would be and she said "about 200$...


This all sounded a bit shady to me...first I thought pap smear results dont come right away, they take days, am I right?

two: why would she insist sooo much on a blood test?


isnt blood test mainly for STDs?? I think she just wanted me to take it because she knew I was paying cash and did not have insurance....am the only one that thought this was a bit shady?



fyi Im clean and no cancer.

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PAP tests are sent off to a lab, and can take 1-8 weeks depending on how backed up they are in the lab!


Not only that, but after a PAP, the results would come back and if showing problems they would do more exploration of the cervix/pelvic area (ie a biopsy for example).


Blood tests would only occur if cancer was proven after a biopsy to ensure it had not spread.


Blood tests would be for some infections/STI's and HIV for the most part, or to check cholesterol, iron levels, etc. Not for cancer of the cervix which a PAP might check abnormal cells for.


I'd file a complaint with the industry that oversees the medical community in your area.

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I find it kinda strange that she would ask you how you will be paying since usually the office manager handles the billing. At my doctors office there is even a written notice requesting that any billing/insurance questions not be directed to the doctors.


PS Did you find a new Gyno?

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Yeah it takes about 3 weeks or so for a PAP test to come back...three minimum that is. As someone who has had irregular tests they first do a repeat PAP, if that comes back goofy then they do a colposcopy, which is where they pinch some cells off your cervix to see if they're precancerous or cancerous.


This reminds me that I need to make a follow up because I had yet another irregular one. As for that fact, if it is in fact irregular, just ask your mom if she has irregular ones...that's usually the trend and can save you a lot of freaking out! (If her's aren't cancerous)

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