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high anxiety level -- update

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I need some feedback here.


My gf broke up with me 3 months ago saying she no longer loves me, that I didn't do anything wrong, that she doesn't know any reasons why her feelings faded away.


At first I was so sad that I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat and everything felt so unreal. Well most of that is starting to get a little bit better now and I can start to see a brighter future even if it's still far away.

I love her very much and I miss her.


A big problem right now seems to be my anxiety level, it's gone sky high. I wonder if anyone else gone through a high anxiety level, did you talk to a psychologist about it and did it help?

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Yes, the same thing happened to me under similar circumstances. I didn't feel that I needed to see anyone about it, because in my opinion it was normal to feel like that. In any case, my anxiety levels and sleep patterns got back to normal after about 6 weeks, although that is quite different to actually getting over the relationship. Maybe you should think about participating in some sort of relaxation therapy though - 3 months is a long time to have a chronically high anxiety level.

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I agree 3 months is a long time to feeling high anxiety.


The anxiety has gone down a little bit in the past few weeks, but it's still high level. Usually it comes in waves and the waves is not as frequent anymore. I have nightmares also so the anxiety is highest in the mornings.


I have read about relaxation techniques, and been trying meditation the last days before going to sleep. Anyway I think talking to a psychologist might be the best idea.


I'm just really tired of all the anxiety.

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I had the same situation last year - I couldn't concentrate on anything because I was so sad.


Eventually, I got over it and it took awhile. I feel very positive about things now and stopped longing for him to come back. I was able to date again, although I prefer to stay away from deep relationships until I am fully healed because I know I need more time. However, I am attracted to others now and it's a good sign.


Therapy could certainly help you sort through your feelings, but in the end, it's time. Try to get involved with your favorite activities. I'm a climber and a runner so I put all my energy into that, it helped.

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Hello again.


Ok, so anxiety level still seems to be high.


I talked to a doctor who recommends anti-depressive medicin. I'm not depressed, but I sure have problems sleeping at night because I worry and it's been like this for a few weeks now.

I still work and enjoy spending time with my friends, but at nighttime and when I'm alone I worry.

Still not sure if anti-depressive medicin is right for me in this life situation. But it seems I worry way too much after I got dumped about 3 months ago.


Has anyone else taken anti-depressive medicin. Did it work?


Any support from anyone out there would be hepful!


thanks for reading this,


-- onlyhuman

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Anti depressants have taken the edge of the hard manic feelings that I have had and "soften" feelings of sorrow, guilt, anger, anxiety etc. You can treat separately for anxiety and if you treat directly for anxiety, you will likely be given something, like prozac, paxil, zoloft. There are side effects. They "numbed" me somewhat and did affect my sex drive.

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hi onlyhuman,


I'm sorry you're still having these episodes, and I know how painful they are... I've strugged, too, with those feelings of panic and generalized anxiety.


You might try a technique that has worked pretty well for me:


link removed


(down to the post about meditation)

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